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Kashmir: World cannot wait for something to happen

The world understands implications of the weapons of mass destruction lying around and believes that the fear of a potential mishap culminating into a devastating perilous outcome is very real. The efforts are in the offing through open or backdoor diplomacy to find a solution to the long standing political problem of Kashmir. International community while rejecting India´s claim that Kashmir conflict is cross-border terrorism agrees that a solution based on the will and aspirations of the people of Kashmir must be found so that plebiscite guaranteed by UN in its various Security Council Resolutions is implemented without any further delay.

Like previous US administrations President Donald Trump showed inclination to mediate and solve Kashmir tangle followed by grave concern conveyed by newly appointed UN Secretary General of the United Nations. All countries in the neighbourhood of Indian sub-continent are on tenterhooks fearing conflagration of a nuclear conflict. Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Canada and many other countries in Europe and Middle East have offered to negotiate a settlement terming it vitally important for the maintenance of world peace. On his current visit to India, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan impressed upon India to initiate a dialogue with Pakistan to settle Kashmir issue once and for all. However, without giving any logical concrete explanation, India called Turkish President’s Kashmir comment as controversial.

The known trouble shooter Ajit Kumar Doval´s (currently India´s National Security Adviser previously police officer promoted to Indian intelligence and law Enforcement Officer) recent dash to Kashmir proceeded nineties like situation; a combination of unrest and surge spiralling into deadly cycle of violence created to taint and discredit freedom struggle. A posse of masked criminal gangs in a spree of looting local banks, raid household properties in the darkness to harass and intimidate public masquerade as Kashmir´s freedom fighters. Kashmiris fighting Indian army for independence do not cover their faces but the criminal outfits under the plan do so to hide their identity. Doval´s new drama would again result into another mass murder of Kashmiri populace. World community must take cognizance of this sinister conspiracy hatched as again civilians fear getting caught in new web of violence in Kashmir.

A. S. Dulat Ex-Chief RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) Chief maintains that Kashmir is slipping out of Indian hands. The statement widely reported in Indian media caused ripples in Indian political circles as Dulat criticized the way Indian government is handling Kashmir using harsh and ruthless methods. Ex-RAW Chief believes that Kashmir problem can be resolved providing there is a will to do so. The situation in Kashmir has never been scarier, Dulat added.

India under international pressure in a crafty manner tells the world including the UN Secretary General that it is allergic to third party intervention to settle Kashmir Issue and likes to solve it through bilateral engagement with Pakistan. India struggles to isolate Kashmiris the actual stakeholders, the rightful owners whose blood is spilled in an unprecedented manner. India, ruled by Her Majesty´s Government for three hundred years, in comparison has nothing to show except the tragedy of Jallianwala Bagh even though General Dyer lost his mind and British Indian government had no hand in it. On the contrary, India in the last eighteen years committed genocide on people of Kashmir killing more than one hundred thousand people in cold blood.

The local daily newspaper, Greater Kashmir (May 04, 2017) reports that Indian Forces lay siege to around dozen-odd villages to conduct searches using over forty thousand heavily armed soldiers forcibly entering households to plunder, pillage and ransack creating panic, harassment and bodily harm. Indian army notorious for using rapes as the main weapon is freely used and spoils of anything of value in searches is a welcome bonus.

The ongoing student clashes with Indian forces a new political dimension has unnerved Indian power block and when questioned is very hard to explain the developing trend. The school girls of all educational institutions from all districts of Kashmir have joined the political struggle indulging in stone-throwing getting injured on daily basis.

China, the immediate neighbour sharing the border with Kashmir sensing the widespread implications has jumped in the political ruckus and its leaders want to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. China has refuted Indian allegations and denied there was a shift in its stand on Kashmir issue. China is one of the stakeholders in the Kashmir imbroglio as it administers the area of Kashmir known as Aksai Chin.

Kashmiris have rejected Indian supremacy by confronting its one million strong army armed to teeth with stones and bricks demonstrating their resolve to use peaceful and democratic methods to voice their legitimate demand for a plebiscite. UN Secretary General in a recent statement paying attention to India-Pakistan tension terms Kashmir issue explosive and urges India to start a dialogue. However, Kashmiris think it is not enough but plead with the Secretary General to do more to have UN Resolutions implemented to earn peace for the world and most importantly for Kashmir.

Pakistan pleads for initiating a dialogue and India as usual harps no talks till the terrorism embedded in Pakistan by India does not come to an end. India commits a genocide in Kashmir and insists that Kashmir has no role in the solution discarding the factuality that people of Kashmir are the real owners of the land and the reality that comity of nations consider Kashmir occupied needing a permanent solution. India needs to realize that Kashmir cannot wait indefinitely for India to pull its head out buried in sand.




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