Canada's Supreme Court Judicial Appointments Exclude Visible Minorities

We, Canadians, like to make fun of the apparent circus associated with the selection of U.S. Supreme Court Judges.  But at least in the United States their has been an effort not only to include visible minorities but the scrutinize the constitutional fitness of Judges.

In Canada, you may have noticed from the photo above that even though as Canadians we boast that we're a multicultural society, there are no Canadians Supreme Court Judges who are black, Chinese, Indian or from other such visible minorities.  It is apparent "Whites Only" club.

How did this happen in our supposed forward-thinking "multicultural society"?

The predictable result of this context is a culture of racism and bigotry at the Supreme Court which resulted in the perpetuation of spousal abuse against Dezrin Carby-Samuels who is an elderly black woman.  In the apparent view of the "Whites Only Club" of the Supreme Court of Canada, she's just another "nigger".  Why should they are?

Thanks to the racists on the Supreme Court of Canada, Dezrin has been left to be abused by her husband to the point she

And the same kind of mentality has resulted in the lack of care regarding judges across Canada who have disregarded the abuse of visible minority and First Nations women.

The Supreme Court of Canada's "Whites Only Club" is an accurate reflection of the culture of racism, bigotry and racism which dominates judicial culture in Canada outside of the media spotlight of cases in which these judges preside.


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