Justin Trudeau Continues Corruption With RBC-affiliated Quebec Senate Appointment

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again shown hypocrisy in his so-called "reformed" and "independent" Senate.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's office says that Tony Loffreda will fill a vacant seat in Quebec.

The Montreal native and accountant has been a top official with RBC since 2005 and currently is vice-chairman of RBC Wealth Management.

Loffreda becomes the 50th crony Trudeau has named to the upper chamber since taking office in late 2015.

Appointing such members of the elites under the rationalization that they have done some volunteer activities which was part of their job description anyways in a complete joke.

How about appointing Senators who not only have volunteer experience but who have experienced adversity and poverty on a daily basis and who can champion the rejuvenation of politics in Canada away from an Old Boy and Girls Club of privilege and power?

Trudeau had promised a "Sunny Ways" rejuvenated Senate free of "political party politics".  But instead, he has provided us with a Senate stuffed with the same members of elite fraternities which had always received Senate appointments shrouded in an extremely secretive appointment process vulnerable to heinous behind-closed-doors corruption of the worst kind.   Trudeau's Senate is a mockery of democracy and his pretensions as a so-called "progressive Canadian liberal".

Trudeau's Senate is a travesty of hypocrisy and demonstrates exactly why the rich have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer under Trudeau.


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