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U.S. troops in Winnipeg threatens Canadian sovereignty – Just ask Puerto Rico

On the one hand, the Justin Trudeau government recently expressed great public indignation when the U.S. Donald Trump administration presented a proposal to move U.S. troops close to the Canadian border. On the other hand, Trudeau—apparently in secrecy and apparently roughly "two to four years ago" according to CTV—has allowed up to and potentially more than 100 U.S. troops to be stationed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"There is a nice size American contingent here that are here for between 2–4 years," said Lt.-Col. Brian Hardeman of the U.S. Air Force. "We are embedded in the community, and we are happy to be here."

Rest assured that the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has been around since 1957, and if such a contingent of U.S. troops in Canada was not needed during the height of the "Cold War" with the former Soviet Union, when a nuclear war at times seemed potentially imminent, like during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s, then there ought not to be any international strategic military need for such a contingent now.

This relatively recent migration of U.S. troops into a major Canadian city is therefore outrageous. I also find it shocking how CTV just sort of plopped in this information without asking any questions.

My fellow Canadians, this is a recipe for the prospective takeover of Canada by the United States under the ideological pretext “Manifest Destiny”.

Just ask Puerto Rico. Indeed, what the Americans are doing with the collaboration of the Justin Trudeau government is the oldest trick in the book on how to takeover a country while minimizing bloodshed. And this is how Puerto Rico got taken over by the United States.

First, you offer to send your troops to be stationed in the country of your intended takeover in the name of "friendship," "peace" or "providing added security against the threat of a common enemy." Then, to quote Lt.-Col. Brian Hardeman of the U.S. Air Force in Winnipeg, once you have "embedded" over time a sufficient amount of your troops that have been acting the whole time as "sleeper cells" of military takeover, you then order your troops to secure annexation.

The obvious purpose of these troops is not to support NORAD but instead to gather intelligence against Canadian military and political infrastructures on how best to efficiently expedite U.S. annexation of Canada, using the same playbook that the American political-military-industrial complex had executed against Puerto Rico. By the time Puerto Ricans figured out what was going on, they were made a U.S. colony.

I can also tell you that "Wexit" specifically and so-called "Western alienation" in Canada has been contrived by the embedding of U.S. troops and American big business interests working together to turn Western Canadians to support an "American way of thinking" and not "socialism," which remains strong in other parts of Canada in the view of American elites. The Reform Party, which has now morphed into the Conservative Party of Canada, is an apparent principal front of clandestine operations to subvert Canadian sovereignty.

Trudeau's allowing of U.S. troops in Winnipeg is therefore nothing short of a betrayal of Canadians in general, and specifically, the Canadians along with their First Nations and British allies who lost their lives fighting in the War of 1812 to push U.S. troops out of Canada. American troops had temporarily annexed parts of the Niagara Peninsula and worked their way to seek a takeover of both Québec and Fort York, which is now Toronto.

It is no secret that manifest destiny was on the mind of the American president who ordered a war against Canada in 1812, and manifest destiny against Canada remains on the minds of Americans. Indeed, a recent poll recorded a desire by a strong minority of Americans in general for the takeover of Canada, and rest assured, a majority of elites in the U.S. political-military-industrial complex would support such a takeover.

After all, it was also very recently that U.S. President Donald Trump sought to buy Greenland from Denmark. The United States remains an essentially predatory imperialist society where elites seek to conquer foreign lands and where the average American is often left to suffer in a system driven by the insatiable pursuit of commercial profit and power. That's the milieu which has created disastrous conditions for the spreading of the prevailing pandemic. It is our so-called "socialism," as opposed by the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, which has enabled Canada to control the spread of the pandemic.

The sooner that "embedded" U.S. troops are sent back home by the Canadian Parliament, the sooner that we as Canadians will reaffirm national sovereignty in North America against any desires south of the border to "complete the job" set out by American military commanders, political elites, and industrial interests in pursuit of manifest destiny against Canada.

My question is how many more U.S. troops has Trudeau allowed to be embedded in Canada? There already seems to be enough U.S. troops in Winnipeg to seize Manitoba's provincial capital.

Our national survival may be at stake in our efforts to hold the Justin Trudeau government accountable for its act of hypocrisy in allowing contingents of U.S. troops free rein to collect military and other intelligence. Such intelligence could be used to carry out a planned annexation of Canada, which has driven American elites since America's War of Independence against Britain. 

About the writer:

Peter Tremblay is the author of the book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.


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