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Donald Trump's allegations of electoral fraud have an operational context and intellectual basis

On the surface, to many of us in Canada, the United States, and around the world, U.S. President Donald Trump appears to be a "kook." With that said, Trump and his supporters who allege that there are unlawful efforts to "steal the election" may not have yet presented verifiable evidence but there is nevertheless an intellectual basis and operational context for his assertions. Those of us who view Trump to be little more than a "kook" need to go beyond the official narrative the mass media successfully presents as "the truth."

Before Donald Trump became president of the United States, the ultra-insiders who control America really didn't care if the Republicans or Democrats won the presidency because they ultimately controlled who ran for president.

When Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, he surprised the ultra-insiders. Trump was a "businessman" who was not groomed for office by these ultra-insiders. As Trump began to make good on this promise to "drain the swamp" of the control of the Republican Party by the ultra-insiders, he made enemies that began to re-consolidate themselves to support the Democrats and a Biden presidency.

For these ultra-insiders, Biden is "one of them" and he will play the game of saying nice things in front of the camera like Barack Obama while supporting the ultra-insiders’ agenda.

The intellectual basis for allegations of a potentially stolen election therefore pivots on the high political stakes involved, with the ultra-insiders wanting to take back America from Donald Trump. After all, Trump’s efforts to support a populist agenda rooted in support of small businesses and the defence of freedoms and liberties is not the desired focus of the ultra-insiders, who have given Biden, through Wall Street, record amounts of donations.

The official narrative of the U.S. "mainstream" media that the Democratic Party represents "centrist" and progressive values may have been true at one time, long ago, but it certainly is not the case now. The Democratic Party of Joe Biden is certainly not the Democratic Party of JFK in the late 1960s.

The critical operational context of voter fraud is a process for counting "ballots" that Americans cannot say for sure are actually real.

Donald Trump wants to "stop counting ballots," but it doesn’t appear to be because he literally doesn't want the votes of his fellow Americans counted. This is a narrative that has been pushed by the "mainstream" mass media that is controlled by the same ultra-insiders who have consolidated their position in the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump and his supporters appear to want the counting to continue as long as they have legal and other representatives present to ensure that the ultra-insiders who want Trump out are not manipulating vote-counting through various electronic and other techniques of concocting counterfeit ballots.

Most people have a very naive understanding of vote counting but I can assure you, having worked in elections, that it is very easy to manipulate an election without the watchful eyes of all candidates involved.

I remember one election that my candidate won by less than 100 votes on election night. But a campaign worker for the opposing candidate took a ballot box home with them and, the next morning, they brought back the same ballot box for counting. Lo and behold, their candidate won by 200 votes, and because the ultra-insiders preferred the other candidate, they totally ignored the protests of our candidate regarding the ballot-stuffing we had witnessed in the "magic" disappearance and re-appearance of a ballot box for counting.

Both the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign ought to have a right to have representatives present at all ballot-counting facilities to ensure the integrity of the vote-counting process,

The focus of the American people therefore ought not to be Trump's rhetoric, which has been painted by the ultra-insider-controlled mass media to sound like babble, but rather the safety and security of the vote-counting process, which, in the United States, is so decentralized that it can be easily hijacked by behind-the-scenes ultra-insiders who have the money and the technology to pull the wool over the eyes of American voters.

Once you work in politics like I have, you will come to realize that it is not clean like the mass media would have us believe.

The average American voter has no idea just how dirty their political process has become and just how vulnerable it is to manipulation by well-organized ultra-insiders who have a very strong motivation to get back control of the White House. For the ultra-insider, Biden is their guy and not Trump, who has sought to "drain the swamp." Biden is not a "progressive" or even a "centrist" beyond rhetoric. If Wall Street thought that, they would not have given his campaign the billions that they have.

Trump was essentially "drafted" into the "American political game" by American patriots who view themselves to be freedom fighters who want to take back America from the ultra-insiders.

Trump's campaign mantra of "Make America Great Again" is a slogan not primarily aimed against Canada and other allies but against the ultra-insiders who seek to pursue a fascistic agenda through the pretext of the pandemic and other such "opportunities."

The ultra-insiders like to characterize Trump as a racist because he has said things that are not very politically astute. But that is because he is not an ultra-insider with the political skills to always know what to say.

If he were really a "racist," he would not have done as much as he has to support African American college and small business communities. And votes that Trump has received among African Americans and Latin American communities suggest there is recognition for the work he has done for visible minorities, in contrast with the rhetoric and little action of the previous Democratic presidency.

Once one appreciates Trump as the anti-establishment candidate and just how dirty politics can be, Americans ought to be highly suspicious of any vote-counting process that does not provide full transparency to ensure that the process has not been subjected to the kind of manipulation ultra-insiders are capable of and have motivation to execute in pursuit of a New World Order.

Trump is standing in the way of expediting the New World Order. It is apparent that the ultra-insiders want him out and are using the corporate-controlled mass media to distract the American people from what may really be going on away from the prying eyes of the American people.


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