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Premier Doug Ford's lockdown is a ploy to pressure Ontarians to take COVID-19 Vaccine

During the pandemic, Ontario Premier Ford has sought to pursue fairness and balance through his provincial government's regional approach to lockdowns.

The beauty of this approach is that it has rewarded regions that have sought to responsibly self-regulate themselves while taking action against those parts of Ontario that have failed at self-regulation.

That's why the capriciously announced lockdown against all of southern Ontario for 30 days and northern Ontario for two weeks is a violation of the social contract that Premier Ford has has with Ontarians.

The new approach is like a police officer ticketing speeders and then turning around to ticket law abiding citizens driving at or below the speed limit on the pretext that although they are not speeding, it is best to issue them a ticket anyways because sometime in the future they might speed and it's best to ticket them now.

Premier Ford has now given the message to communities that have played by the rules because they don't want a lockdown that it doesn't matter if you behave yourself or not; in the long run you're going to be lumped-in with all the misbehaving people anyways, so "what the hell".

So what if Ottawa is within travelling distance of Montréal that is under lockdown?  It was been like that for many weeks and Canada's capital has remained vigilant in the fight against COVID-19.

Thanks to Doug Ford's new found lack of equity, his government has now punished the whole province for trends in the Greater Toronto Area.  In so doing, his government now promises to create a complete lack of confidence among Ontarians in the ability of his provincial government to act in a socially responsible manner.

This lockdown game that the Ford government is now pursuing can be regarded as little more that a mass psychological operation to begin to blackmail everyone in Ontario that they better take their injections of DNA altering COVID-19 vaccines if they want to "return to normal".

Follow the money on the real motivation behind the new lockdown.  This lockdown has Big Pharma and company's name all over it.

You can read about this apparent ploy of the Doug Ford government in my new book entitled COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Brave New World Totalitarian Agenda.


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