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Test Designer cuts teacher workload

A survey from AdoptAClassroom.org found that

91 percent of teachers spend their own money for their classrooms. Other studies have shown that they spend $1.3 billion of their own money per year across the country with the average amount being $356. A total of $3.5 billion is spent per year on supplies by teachers, schools and the PTA. Test Designer provides a service that can help cut down on these large costs. The company offers a large database of questions and worksheets that can be used by teachers in all grade levels.

Test Designer was created by Tribrio to help teachers by cutting down on their workloads. The website offers questions in many categories including math, science, language arts, social studies and sports. The questions vary in difficulty levels, and it is easy to browse them based on the categories. The website also allows searches based on images and keywords. More than 150,000 teachers have joined Test Designer as membership continues to grow. With more than 50,000 questions available on the site, the resources provided by the company are becoming an invaluable part of teachers’ lives.

The company offers questions that can be used in many ways in the classroom. In addition to turning them into tests, teachers can make worksheets, homework and other activities. Test Designer has several membership levels for teachers to choose. The basic level is free while the other two levels require payment. The pro level will cost a teacher $19.95 a year. The group pro level will cost $99.95. However, teachers can try them out using a free trial period to see if the resources will help in the classroom.

Many teachers have shared that their work week extends beyond school hours with preparation, grading and other activities. As one teacher has accurately summarized, a typical work week of 60 to 70 hours is common, and the pay does not cover all of it. The time spent outside of the classroom is often longer than the hours spent teaching. One study found by the U.S. Office of Education found that teachers spend an extra 5.3 hours a week helping students without pay. This amount only adds to the already heavy workload that they face as monetary support continues to diminish in many districts. Test Designer has found a way to help teachers cut down on the hours they spend outside the classroom by offering them a large database of questions to use as a resource.


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