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(NC ) — Choosing your grill should start with thinking about how you want to cook for family and friends. Having been in the business almost 30 years and cooked 1000's of meals, the grilling family at Broil King recommend that you ask yourself these questions before you venture to your local grill store:

What is your favorite grilled food? If hamburgers, hotdogs, and the occasional steak are as far as you get, there is a wide range of basic gas and charcoal grills to choose from. However, an HPBA survey show that 68% of grillers see themselves as “better than average or extremely proficient at grilling”. So if you don't want to be running in and out of the kitchen when you could have everything you need happening at the grill consider a grill with more than 2 burners, precise heat control, and a side and rotisserie burner.

How many people are you grilling for? The cooking surface on grills can range from 250 to 1000 sq inches. Grilling for between four and eight people and occasional crowds of 12 you should have 500 square inches or more. If you're preparing a feast on a regular basis, look for a grill that is equipped with two separate cooking surfaces (typically a larger cookbox at 725 sq. inches and smaller at 275 sq. inches). In addition to cooking surface, look for the depth of cookbox allowing you to put a turkey or large roast on the grill.

Heat Retention and Control! Check out the burners and understand what they are made of, and how are they shaped? Dual Tube style burners, and 'H' or '8' shaped burners offer the most even heat distribution and excellent performance. Is there something covering the burners to protect them and dissipate the heat? (Typically called the heat medium.) A well designed grill will have a, stainless or porcelain coated steel “Wave” shaped vapourizer completely covering the burners. The vapourization of food drippings creates that authentic barbecue flavour you're looking – so this is an important feature.

What are the cooking grids made ofLook for cast iron or stainless steel. These cooking grids should be heavy enough to retain heat, create steakhouse style sear marks and vapourize food drippings right at the grids, adding to the barbecue flavour of what you are cooking.

Where is it made? Make sure you can readily get customer service and parts support for your grill. The North American manufacturers offer this support direct from Canadian and US based factories.

Answers to other questions can be found at : Is it available in propane or natural gas (have a professional install any conversion kits)? How much storage and preparation space is available? Are there covers to fit? What accessories are available to enhance the grilling experience even more?


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