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How to prepare for success after graduation

(NC) In a few months, university students will be crossing the stage to accept their degrees. With the celebration often comes the important question of what’s next, which can worry both parents and students alike.

If your child is graduating this year, you know that choosing a career they love and landing a job in their chosen industry can be challenging. Before your child jumps into their job search, they first need to consider whether they have the skills and education needed to secure their desired position.

Paul Bowman, a career Coach at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University, shares three tips to help prepare for what comes after graduation.

Explore the best path for you. While some graduates pursue more traditional careers, others may consider opportunities with startup ventures or even starting their own businesses. Understanding what they desire in a job and the risks they’re willing to take is important in helping young people determine the best career path. Connecting with people in the industry or researching those they admire will paint a better picture of where they want to be and how to get there. 

Understand what employers are looking for. What one employer is looking for may be different from another, so it’s best for your child to research the organizations that pique their interest. Looking into the qualifications for their desired stream of business can help them determine the experience and skills they need.

Broaden career opportunities. Encourage your child to consider the idea of continuing their education, especially if they feel unsure about how to achieve their career goals. Programs like the Graduate Diploma in Business at Smith School of Business, a four-month summer program that covers the business fundamentals, can open doors to a field they had not considered in the past, like starting a new venture. With credits counting towards an MBA, business essentials programs can serve as a stepping stone to a role in the business sector.


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