Time for myth Busting: All the facts you must know about slot games

Slot games have been in existence since time immemorial, but it was restricted to a certain esoteric demographic. With the advent of technology, though, this has spread to a wider spectrum of audience.

While this results in more folks playing slots, this also means an easier way to spread misinformation about the same. Sure, it might not be possible to point out each and every piece of information to folks who are exposed to slots, but one can try to mitigate it.

To tackle the same, though, here is a comprehensive piece. Myth busters, information hubs, this is all you need to know.

You Don’t Need to be Physically Present

Technology has sweetly blended with the idea of online slots. As stated earlier, technology has proven to be a boon for casinos. These days, you need to understand that physical presence for active participation is not a prerequisite anymore, at least when it comes to most casino offerings.

In terms of accessibility, there are various online casinos in different parts of the world. If you want to have the first hand experience of an online casino Karamba could be one to begin with. Be it a session of the roulette, or in this regard, a casual game of slots, Karamba has a few offerings up its sleeve. Much like Karamba, there are so many other companies that have similar services at their disposal.

The most important piece of misinformation people carry is that one needs to be in Sin City to get a taste of the slots. On the contrary, though, it has never been easier to access slot games, owing to more casino offerings shifting to online mediums.

More Than Meets the Eye

Speaking of offline vs. online slots, there is more than meets the eye. While the average gamer might claim that online and land-based slots might work differently, it is actually far from true. The core concept that runs on both platforms is actually quite similar, if not the same.

Random Number Generator (RNG) is an algorithm that, as stated, generates random numbers. While most of the applications around RNG pertains to applications that have special events or attributes, when it comes to slots, they are mostly used to provide your results.

The only difference here is in the way the results are being generated and presented. When it comes to online slots, the provider uses your internet settings to generate animations, whereas the animations in the land-based slots are mostly hardware-bound.

This means that the presentation surrounding online slots can be expanded across a massive horizon, but when it comes to offline or land-based orientations, you are pretty much limited by hardware, or the provider.


Possibly one of the most important things to know about slot games is strategies, or lack thereof. Where one can still stretch it out and say that other casino offerings might still have some magical formulae, there is no saying the same about online slots.

Slot machines essentially work on randomisations, and quite obviously, there is no playing around it with loopholes or strategies. Stating otherwise would not only be an asinine statement, but a risky venture altogether.

Another piece of misinformation in this regard, is the idea of hot or cold slots. The idea is that slots that are being extensively used are somehow bound to have more payouts by virtue of its nature. Alternatively, ones that are being kept as it is are considered cold, and hence would be less likely to have payouts.

Much like the concept of strategies in slots, the idea of hot or cold is far from being scientifically or logistically backed. This simply sounds like the grapes being too sour, or an adept measure used by casino houses to get more players onboard, but this is nothing more than a broken myth.

Sin City

Generalised media has etched a picture in the minds of the common folk. The idea of slots and casino games having an American influx is rather misplaced. After all, one does not take into account the number of casinos being used in Japan. In fact, the numbers might just point that Sin City is not as pivotal as the media might otherwise point to.

How this might be accurate, one might ask? The answer lies in the spread and population density. Japan is roughly one-third dense as the land of opportunity, and yet being as pivotal as it is, does point out at Japan’s acceptance and use of casinos in general and slots in specific.

Sure, there might be a surge in slots in the States, but that does not seem to come in comparison to the ones found in Japan.


There is no doubt about the fact that slot games are extensively played all across the globe. With online offerings of it being made ever so accessible, it is only expected that the number of folks playing slots would increase. This means that one should exercise even greater scrutiny in such ventures, and try to debunk any myths surrounding strategies, offline prevalence, and so on.


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