Internet As Teacher: Taking Advantage of the Digital Age

It truly is an age like no other. Of course, this doesn't mean that life is now simple, or without its obvious complications, but one thing is for sure – the rise of the internet has drastically changed how we, as humans, live our daily lives. This article has been put together to better help understand the following: who are digital natives? what are digital natives using the internet for, and how can the internet make our lives easer and more convenient? But first, lets start at the end. In years gone by, it could take months, if not years, to discover something new that truly makes a difference in your life. Whether it was a new hobby, a new method of cooking or exercising, or an alternative way to work, it involved extensive periods of trial and error.

The digital age has completely revolutionised this process, and, if you embrace it, the internet can act as your very own personal teacher. This, in essence, allows you to find what it is you want to do, as well as how to actually do it, in a much quicker time period. Let’s take for example a website that provides you with an online blackjack strategy, an easy to access resource that removes the frustrations that come with learning the game on your own. In order to play the game of blackjack at a high level, you need to acquire an understanding of the rules and of basic in-game strategy, and this is before you can begin to dive into the tactical approach of using mathematical probability in your favour. Suddenly, thanks to the internet, it is now possible to quickly learn when to hit, stand, split and even when to double down. In addition, strategy guides like the one linked above provide you with a host of tips that would otherwise take years to even be aware of, never mind master. Now imagine using this process to attack every aspect of your life. Sounds interesting? Well let’s take a look at how the digital age has made it all possible.

Embracing the Tidal Wave

In 1995, Bill Gates described the internet as a “tidal wave” that “changes the rules,” before going on to describe it as “an incredible opportunity”. While the majority of us may not have understood the full potential of the internet at the time, it has become abundantly clear that the co-founder of Microsoft was correct in his prediction. Often, we don’t notice changes that take place over time, but when we consider that we have transitioned from having dial-up internet at home to carrying smartphones with us everywhere we go, and in a relatively short period of time, we begin to realise how the digital age has transformed every aspect of what it means to be human.

Digital natives are considered individuals who have been raised in a digital, media-saturated world. As a result, they have the innate ability to consume digital information and stimuli quickly and comfortably through the internet. They are the ones using the internet as their very own personal tutor, scouring through information at an incredible rate and taking the parts that improve their life to heart, then using them to change how they spend their time. Whether this is in discovering seven proven techniques that develop the creative writer inside you, learning how to play a musical instrument or how to negotiate a pay rise at work, the digital age makes it possible to lessen the learning curve and adopt whatever new skills you desire.

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

In addition to the abundance of information available, it is also becoming more and more consumable thanks to emerging technologies. Not only is the information out there, but smartphones, laptops, tablet devices and wearable technologies, as well as the ability to have internet access wherever you are, allow you use what previously would have been considered as in-between time in a productive manner. We are talking about time spent commuting, in waiting rooms or in queues. The digital age means that this so-called in-between time is no longer wasted time. You can use this to improve your life, to focus on what it is you actually want to do, or to complete necessary work and simple chores to free up time for later.

The point is that you no longer have to be in a position where your time is wasted. Audiobooks and podcasts are a great example of this, as you can now absorb useful information while you are actively doing something else. You can not read when driving or doing the dishes, but thanks to audiobooks, you now have to ability to utilise this space with information. Returning to our example of learning how to play blackjack online, we can see how this all comes together. Not only can you learn blackjack strategy much quicker, you can play it at moments when you previously could not have. Where you used to have to go to a brick-and-mortar establishment, which takes time, you can now do it whenever and wherever you want.

Recognising this gained advantage, including this gained time, is how you can take full advantage of the digital age. Just imagine if you transported someone who lived before the invention of the internet to the present day. If you want to make the most of the internet, it is worth reminding yourself just how lucky you are to be part of the digital age.

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