Things to Know About the Super Bowl Trophy

Not many people outside the United States do know a lot of stuff about the Super Bowl Trophy. This is mainly due to the fact that the Super Bowl is a yearly competition that has for a very long time been an American thing and therefore mostly enjoyed by residents of America. However, if you happen to be among those who do not know much about the Super Bowl then keep on reading to find out very interesting facts about the Super Bowl Trophy. If you also happen to be a fan of Super Bowl fun betting then the Super Bowl competition is just what you need.

The Super Bowl Trophy has been around for almost half a decade: The Super Bowl competition was started in the year 1967 after Oscar Reidener the then Vice President of Tiffany and Co. had lunch with Pete Rozelle who was the then Chairman of the National Football League. The maiden Super Bowl Trophy was presented in the year 1967.

The Super Bowl competition is a merger: Previously, there were two separate football competitions namely the National Football League (NFL) and the American Football League (AFL). Winners of these two competitions were then involved in a play-off to get an actual winner of the Trophy. However, this all changed when the NFL and AFL competitions were merged to form the Super Bowl competition.

It is a yearly competition: The Super Bowl competition is also organised once every year and brings together football teams in America to compete for the ultimate trophy.

It has been around for over 49 years: Since its inception, the Super Bowl Trophy has been awarded to winning teams a maximum of 49 times. This number should have been 50 but for a mishap which occurred in the year 1971 when the Baltimore Colts won the Trophy and it was later taken away by their owner when he became the new owner of the Rams and never returned the Trophy.

Most Super Bowl Trophies Won: The Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for having the most number of Super Bowl Trophies. They have a total of six (6) Super Bowl Trophies with the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys occupying joint second position with 5 Super Bowl Trophies.

Never has there been the need for overtime: There has never ever been overtime in any Super Bowl final. The farthest that a Super Bowl game has gone for a winner to be found is a few seconds to the end of the full regulatory time.

The Super Bowl Trophies are made every year: Unlike a lot of the trophies awarded in some competitions which require the winner to return the trophy after some time so that it can be awarded to whoever becomes the next winner, the Super Bowl Trophy happens to be one of the very few trophies which are always constructed all over each and every year. It costs not less than $50,000 to get the Super Bowl Trophy constructed.

These are just some of the very interesting facts about the Super Bowl Trophy. However, there are other very exciting facts which all help in making the Super Bowl a competition to be reckoned with.


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