Ottawa: Vintage Fashion Becomes Smash Hit

Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show that was held on November 18th has become a new talk of the town. The show was an instant hit and liked by all those vintage-lovers who were looking to buy something special and uniquely different this season. The event was organized at Ottawa Convention Centre for the first time. It must have been a great experience for all those shopping lovers who were out there looking for something really fabulous. However, we have our one word to appreciate the show- it was completely fabulous and classy!

People showed immense love for vintage fashion. Huge variety of fashion accessories was displayed. You name it and they have it! From clothes to shoes, handbags and jewelry everything was right there for the fashion lovers. The display featured some of the classic designs and vintage products by Ottawa’s top independent vintage fashion retailers. Fashion lovers were seen showing great interest in different styles of displayed hats. Yes, hats are in fashion again. Unlimited variety and colorful fashion display of accessories made the vintage fashion show a huge success. Black was the most prominent vintage color and of course, a winner too! Other colors taking the edge were bold shades of red, mustard, yellow and browns along with medium tones of blue.

So let us know your experiences of the show and in case, if you have missed attending the event, we would suggest you to do visit the next exhibition and be the part of this great event. 


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