Canada's Fashion Time Line From 90's to 2000's

In the world of fashion, the word “constant” is not accepted. It is continuously changing and progressing as the time changes. A lot of innovation and styles were seen during the recent years. Some of it may exist already but we could still see the added details in every trend that existed. So let’s have a recap about the fashion trends from the 90’s to Present.


I am a 90’s kid and I remember that this was the time of Sabrina the teenage Witch and also theGrunge Era. Girls looked like dolls, all styled from head to toe while boys were like rock stars who represented their bands. If you like to steal those Grunge Era look, you could follow some helpful steps here. 

Short and flatter bobs, dark lipstick, slouchy pants and leather are some of the few trends of the 90’s.

1.       Glam Look

High-tech curlers and styling equipment are not yet at this era. Short and flatter bobs were popular during this time and even now, not only it’s simple but it also give a glamorous look. 

Kim Victoria Cattrall Bob Cut Hair


More 90’s bob here

2.       Minimalistic Style

90’s? Dark lipsticks are women’s fashion statement due to the Grunge Era’s Goth style. It is also perfect for office styles, since some 90’s trends were minimalistic that can be wear at work.

Minimalistic Style


3.       Goth Style

Over sized leather jackets and slouchy pants were also hit on the 90’s. Slouchy pants are comfortable and could wear at any occasion and leathers were popular even the recent era’s but it was popular during the 90’s because of the rock bands that were popular during those time.

Goth Style



Today’s Era is called “mash-up” because a lot of styles during the 80’s and 90’s are mixed and styled in a different way. 2000’s has no particular style and it is mostly a mix of old and new. A fusion of classy, goth, boho, hip-hop and other more trends.

1. Grunge-Chic Fashion

Grunge trend was widely popular during the 90's but Toronto blogger Jay Strut gave a twist on it and made it chic with those shades, sneakers and hairstyle.

(c) Jay Strut

  (c) Jay Strut

 2.Classy Fierce Look

A beautiful photo from Canada's Social Media Queen. See those fierce eyes and red top which she match with a classy hairstyle and conservative white skirt.

(c) cococrocha

3. "Boho" Chic Style

It is a style that includes vintage, flowy clothing and ethnic-inspired accessories. The style of hair suits in this style is a natural-looking hair.  It is from bohemian and hippie influences. 

Boho Chic Look


4. Graphical T-Shirts

People are more expressive during theses days that's why Graphical T-shirts are popular. 

Graphical T-shirts


5. Fun and Vibrant Colors

This is popular with teens and people who wants to achieve a young-looking look and young vibes. Most colors for these are bright and vibrant colors.

Fun and Vibrant Colors


Revisiting the past fashion trends was surely enjoying. Seeing how people's taste changes and how it was different from now. Let's not forget that fashion is a statement of who we are and sometimes it defines the personality of a person. Fashion Trends may change but still it's our own taste and style that matters.


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