Restaurant owners cash-in on advertorial promotions

Restaurant owners often get sales boost from a great restaurant review. However, often restaurant owners need to wait a long time before they get reviewed. has been offering a great service to restaurant owners seeking to get reviewed quickly. One of their professional restaurant reviewers/writers will come to your restaurant, and get your review published as an ‘advertorial’ in targeted local newspapers or magazines.

Indeed, there comes a time when all small businesses must pay for their publicity. They've exhausted their use of the press release. They've used up all of their feature story ideas. They've depleted their finances for direct-mail packages. Now they're left with one final marketing tool to generate hot leads and push their profits to the next level. It's advertising.

When you reach that point, it's not the time to think fancy. It's time to think response. Instead of the typical ads that you see in most publications--newspapers and magazines--think advertorial, the kind of ad that actually looks like a real news story or other editorial matter.

Advertorials generally have a good track record. They are to print what Infomercials are to TV. They may be corny to the uninformed but, like the TV infomercials, they work just the same. can provide you with diverse examples of restaurant advertorials they have already published in local newspaper in behalf of restaurants. requires that all participating restaurants meets high standards in food. Your restaurant does not have to be ‘fancy’. But, it must be clean, I.e. practice a high level of food hygiene standards. Contact at email:, if you think that your restaurant qualifies.


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