Gourmet cooking secret: Know your ingredients

(NC)—Type “food blog” into your favourite Internet search engine and the results will astound you—nearly 975 million options to choose from. If we drill down a little further, a search for “gourmet food blog” returns more than 59 million results. While the numbers are overwhelming, the results reveal a growing interest in food, recipes and home cooking. Home cooks are also becoming more educated about ingredients and understand that choosing the right ingredients based on quality, performance and desired results is of utmost importance to ensure the end result is perfect.

Take mozzarella cheese, for example. Usually the first thing that comes to mind is pizza, and the long, stretchy cheese that trails from pie to plate with every slice. While few people likely have a wood-burning oven at home, creating a gourmet pizza is possible with the right kind of mozzarella.

Originating in Italy and recognizable for the long strings of cheese that stretch from every slice, stretch mozzarella is the best type that for creating a pizzeria-quality pie. Mozzarellissima by Saputo is stretch mozzarella with a mild, buttery taste and superior melting ability that makes it the preferred choice of pizza chefs across Canada.

Available in most dairy cases and deli sections at the grocery store, mozzarellissima will melt and stretch just the way you expect. It is also very versatile and can be paired with any number of ingredients, from traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni, to more sophisticated choices like roasted peppers and caramelized onions.

Next time homemade pizza is on the menu, think like a pizza chef. Using the freshest ingredients—and the right kind of mozzarella—will help create a gourmet pizza right in your own home.


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