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Breakfast Omelette Italian-Style linked to Anti-Aging

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Reduce wrinkles and look younger with your AM meal

There’s more to getting healthy, glowing skin than buying the perfect anti-aging skincare products. “You can put on all the makeup and concealer in the world, but unless you’re eating a diet full of beauty foods, your skin will not look its best,” says Lisa Drayer, MA, RD, the author of The Beauty Diet.

Start your morning off right by whipping up these beauty-boosting breakfasts. They’re full of beauty foods that protect your skin and keep it looking young, fresh, and absolutely radiant.

Tomatoes add juicy flavour to this simple omelette, but they also boost skin health. “Tomatoes are the number one skin-friendly vegetable,” says Jessica Wu, MD, a Los Angeles dermatologist and the author of Feed Your Face. Studies show that eating these bright red veggies may help fight sunburn, boost collagen, and even reduce skin roughness.

Get the Omelet Italian-Style recipe


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