Apt613 announces Ottawa's Foodie gems

Apt613 has partnered with OAK to create a new website that is set to come out in a few months. Throughout the year, folks from OAK will be guest blogging on Apt613.

We have had an overwhelming response from our lovely community !! Ottawa – You Rock !! A big thank you to everyone who showed interest in our initiative, and a special thank you to the team at Apt613 for giving us access to such a wonderful platform to share our insights and experiences. Now that this project has made us all at OAK food addicts (literally), lets start by sharing our Top 10 with you (in order):

1. La Bottega  (Cheap, quick sandwiches with delicious illy coffee)

2. Ahora  (Best mexican food in the city)

3. Shawarma Palace (a.k.a a garlic paradise)

4. Peace-Garden  (Where the food touches your soul)

5. Chez Lucien  (King of gourmet burgers)

6. Memories (The best kept secret)

7. Smoque Shack (A carnivore haven)

8. Murray’s Market (You got to be pork-ed out here. Note:  Sadly it has just closed down)

9. A Culinary Conspiracy (A unique experience)

10. Wontonmama (A good attempt on asian-fusion food)

We were also flattered to see that some of you want us to expand this project to other areas in Ottawa. Well you never know, your support might have inspired us to start thinking of how we can come back with more! Byward Eats was our humble attempt at doing something creative and interesting, and this will certainly not be our last effort at increasing the digital (social) footprint of Ottawa. We are actively looking for the next idea and our next partners. So, if you sense our excitement, and want to share our commitment to put more of Ottawa in the social layer, then please reach out and send us an email … the coffee (as we love to say here at OAK) is always on us. We can be reached at team@oakcomputing.com.

With the winter setting in, eating has got to increase! So try away our top picks and don’t forget to share your favorites with us! And yes, if you do end up visiting any of the above amazing restaurants, do mention to the owner that you read our review on BywardEats.com.

Internet site reference: http://www.apt613.ca


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