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Ottawa's Chef Richard Nigro shares Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar

You may know Chef Richard Nigro as the founder of Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar. Maybe you recognize his warm face from a Duelling Chefs dinner, or remember the sound of his fabulous laugh coming from the kitchen.

Nigro helped establish Juniper as one of the better restaurants in this city, and that success is certainly a testament to his talent. Earlier this year he left Juniper’s kitchen, but fret not, he’s still cooking up a storm.

An advocate for both seasonal and local cuisine, Nigro is producing artisan small batch preserves. Made with local produce bought in season, they’re meant to help us capture some of our glorious warmer months, so we might make it through our dark, destitute winter. The most recent preserves list boasts over 30 choices, from pickles to chutneys, barbeque sauces to spice rubs. Juniper aficionados may recognize his Nine Day Pickled Cherries (they spend 2 days in vinegar, 7 in sugar) or Roasted Three Pepper Chutney.

Ever the explorer, Nigro developed recipes for this venture that you aren’t likely to have tasted before, nor are they easily found elsewhere. His mostrada di cremona and mostrada di mantova, based on a 15th century Italian recipe, are like chutney, but softer. The fruit is just slightly pickled so it’s sweetness still shines through, making them a good substitute for fresh cherries or apples in December. His website not only lists the various preserves he makes, but also unique recipes and suggestions for how to use them, so you won’t be left with half filled jars in the fridge door.

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