Restaurants: Alabama -- Huntsville's Meteor Buffet meteoric rise

Huntsville, ALABAMA – Meteor Buffet has become a heavyweight in the Huntsville dining scene.  Known to local foodies as a place to go for not only authentic Chinese food but also American favorites such as pizza and apple pie, Meteor Buffet has burst on to the national scene after being awarded with an Overall Excellence award at the 7th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Award Show in San Francisco in January 2011.

Starting 2011 off on a high note, the restaurant also hosted a press conference in March 2011 where Chaobin Zhang, the owner, discussed how Meteor Buffet came to be and also went into his future plans for the restaurant.

Following the press conference was a cooking demonstration that beautifully presented the sights and smells of Chinese cuisine to all those in attendance.  

The Overall Excellence award recognizes restaurants that are strong in not only their culinary offerings but also in other areas such as service and sanitation. Some of the standout offerings on the all star buffet include Coconut Shrimp, Black Pepper Chicken, and of course the pizza as one of Zhang’s friends, an Italian chef, taught him how to make authentic Italian-style pizza a few years back.

Able to accommodate 380 diners in its spacious 8900-square-foot dining room, this award winning restaurant is often praised for its warm, considerate service and bright and inviting interior. Traditional Chinese décor including Chinese paintings, a wooden dado, and a woodcarving screen can also be found in the restaurant helping to further bolster its homey ambience.

When asked to give a reason why his buffet has been a success, Zhang doesn’t mention the skill of the chefs but rather attributes it to his customers and keeping up with their changing tastes. “Customers should be treated like VIPs, that’s why I believe any restaurant that wants to survive needs to dedicate 50% to service and 50% to food.”

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