Ottawa's Hintonburg Public House becomes Hipster Mecca


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Hintonburg has quickly become known as the new “it” neighborhood for young professionals and it seems obvious why. The array of restaurants and other local establishments that have sprung up in the last few years have really gentrified the area. The Hintonburg Public House(1020 Wellington Street West) can now add its name to the list of new eateries worth checking out.

Mismatched wood chairs and mason-jar lights are just some of the touches that lend itself to the rustic-chic atmosphere. Local art pieces also adorn the walls from budding artists available for sale. Admittedly, when I first walked in I almost forgot where I was, as the décor and urban ambiance was reminiscent of those you would find in restaurants in Montreal and Toronto, though perfectly fitting for Hintonburg.

Specializing in pub food with a twist, the Public House obviously wants to establish itself as the neighborhood venue for after work drinks and comfort food. Ingredients are mostly from local vendors and the menu is focused on seasonal cuisine. The local theme continues throughout the alcoholic selection, carrying mainly regional beers and wines. Open till 2 am every day and with a bar menu that includes items like Pickled Eggs, Smoked Almonds and Marinated Cheese Curds, you can afford to be a little adventurous while staying out a little later. Their signature dish of late is their Beef Burger / Double Smoked Bacon / Sauerkraut / Dijonaise / Fries, which will run you an even 14$. The plates are by no means large, but then again it’s more about quality than quantity. They even have a pretty elaborate kids menu, though I’m not convinced their Turnips / Mustard Seed / Malt is a big hit with the youngins’.

The place has been a huge success since its December opening, so if you’re looking to have dinner and drinks with friends be prepared to wait (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations for groups smaller than 10). Since the owner is still working with the Heritage Committee to be able to put up a sign, finding this Canadiana pub might be a bit tricky, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. If you’re looking to try a new rendition of your favourite dishes or just a relaxing place to grab a brew, then Public House is where you should check out, not to mention just another great reason to stroll over to Hintonburg.


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