Ottawa Food Lovers group seeks Local Sponsors

Ottawa Great Food Lovers is seeking Ottawa-Gatineau businesses which would like to sponsor their growing “Foodies” social and business networking group.

Ottawa Great Food Lovers seeks sponsors from the following kinds of businesses in Ottawa for our Great Food Lovers Meet-Up Group in Ottawa.

Their group is:

-- Cooking and baking related businesses

-- Restaurants

-- Bistros

-- Grocery stores/supermarkets

-- Healthy Lifestyle oriented business

-- Fair Trade and Organic Foods-related businesses

In exchange, sponsors will get the following commercial advantages by sponsoring their group:

-- They circulate your promotional activities once per week to their members via email;

-- They can circulate your flyer at their events;

-- They can distribute up to four news releases per month on our news website:;

-- They can invite a spokesperson to give a short presentation about your business from time to time;

-- A “foodie“-related review about your business

-- Or, organizing a Meet-Up of their members at your Food-related business.

Contact us for more information.


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