Ottawa: Become a Writer -- Social Networking and Great Food

Do you read Ottawa newspapers, and think you could do a better job in certain areas? We bring together aspiring writers and journalists in Ottawa for social get togethers.

Our writers get free food and drink tickets at our get togethers.  E-mail us for more information.

I am an Ottawa writer, who has published articles.  We hope to share some of our favourite restaurants, bistros, and cafés with aspiring volunteer writers in Ottawa.

We are seeking volunteer writers in Ottawa who would like to help spread further awareness on politics, arts, entertainment, lifestyle, and other news going on in Ottawa.

We also welcome members who would like to write about national and international issues. We seeking to inspire further community participation and social newtworking in cultural and civic life in Ottawa. You don't have to have any experience as a writer or journalist to join our group.

We are seeking volunteer writers who are seeking to expand their friendships, and would like to make editorial contributions to our not-for-profit and informal media cooperative. Editorials and articles would be published on The Canadian.

Join here:


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