A Novel Way to Consume Raw Eggs

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This is one of my favorite raw recipes, and it's so tasty that it's a shame to only have it during holidays! What's more is, it's a snap to make.

1. In a tall glass, pour half a glass of raw milk.

2. Top the glass off with raw cream.

3. Pour milk & cream into jug, bowl or large measuring cup.

4. Add a fresh raw egg.

5. Sprinkle a touch each of cinnamon and nutmeg.

6. Add a few drops vanilla extract.

7. Whiz up with immersion blender.

See it becoming a lovely yellow colour from the egg. This is a great way to have raw eggs if you're a bit squeamish about them, because you really can't taste the egg at all. Plus, this is incredibly good for you.

Pour eggnog back into your tall glass, and it should fit perfectly. Lovely, tasty, raw eggnog. Cheers!


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