Brush up on nutrition habits

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(NC) — Canadians practice bad habits on a daily basis. Often, these habits have been so ingrained into our routines that we rarely think twice about what we're actually doing and how it affects our health. Dr. Janet Tamo, a consulting dentist for Crest and Oral-B, along with registered dietician, Christine Asik, teamed up recently to discuss nutrition and oral care. They both agreed that our most common and misunderstood bad habit is the overconsumption of liquid calories. “Sugar-sweetened beverages such as pop, iced tea, lemonade and even many 100% fruit juices are packed with sugar, but they don't contain any fibre so won't fill you up,” said Asik. “Research also shows that those who over-consume these high sugar beverages are at greater risk of being obese and developing diabetes.” These sugary drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth too. “It's impossible to eliminate everything bad from your diet – we all need to indulge once in a while,” says Dr. Tamo. “That is why it's really important to follow a proper at-home oral care routine every day, which includes a multi-protection toothpaste such as Crest Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control, this toothpaste is clinically proven to help prevent plaque buildup, fight cavities, gingivitis, tartar and treats tooth sensitivity.” Dr. Tamo and Christine Asik share these tips on how to break common bad habits related to nutrition and oral care: • Rather than drinking juice, get your recommended daily servings of fruit by eating whole fruits, and drink water between meals. • Don't bring too many sweet foods into your home. If they aren't accessible, you won't be so inclined to indulge - your waistline and teeth will thank you for it. • Make it a priority to practice good oral care habits daily to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up that can lead to gingivitis. You'll also be showing your kids how seriously they should be taking their oral health.


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