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Ottawa restaurants support social networking

A new Ottawa Foodie Group can boost the marketing efforts of restaurants. Ottawa Encounters is a group which consists of relatively high income professionals and most of these professionals are foodies. These foodies are always ready to try new dishes and cuisines at various cafes and restaurants. They can easily be persuaded to become patrons of a business, which can offer them with the food they like.

Owners of restaurants and bistros will benefit a lot by becoming sponsors of this group. They can also enhance their marketing efforts by offering various perks or group discounts to the members. As this group meets on a regular basis at popular restaurants and cafes, offering affinity group discounts to its members can help your business in gaining a lot of popularity. If they can find the food of their choice, they will write good reviews of your business and also advertise it to the people they know.

If you are a great Ottawa restaurant, offer at least a 10 per cent discount and you could generate new business from By offering lucrative discounts, you can attract the members of this group to visit your restaurants and to try the food that you offer. You can boost your business and gain a lot of publicity in the process.


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