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Glucose-Fructose man-made sugar endangers health

A study that was done few years ago at the University of California in Davis has pointed out that new fat cells can build round your vital organs with a high fructose diet. It can take people into the early stages of diabetes and heart disease in just a matter of ten weeks whereas this was not the case with a high glucose diet. The study also revealed that a heavy fructose diet can contribute to obesity and insulin resistance. It is also responsible for hypertension, liver disease, cancer and arthritis.

Fructose metabolises differently in your body than glucose would as per Dr. Mercola who talks about how glucose would not damage your metabolism in his own website, `Mercola.Com’. Dr. Mercola goes on to explain that glucose was meant to give you energy so that your body could run efficiently. He says that every cell in your body and “in fact, every living thing on the Earth- uses glucose for energy.”

There is bad news for the corn industry giants as the high fructose corn syrup has been confirmed to alter the human metabolism as per Dr. Richard Johnson, author of the `Fat Switch’. Dr. Johnson mentions that if you receive your fructose from a source like only fruits and vegetables, you would probably be consuming about fifteen grams a day. But, if you take in one sweetened drink, it will give you about seventy three grams there itself. The fructose is mixed in with fiber, minerals and vitamins along with enzymes in natural fruits and vegetables.  It will also give you the beneficial phytonutrients. There will not be a negative impact on your metabolism.

Dr. Johnson says that fructose is not a damaging thing by itself. It is the dosage that makes it dangerous. The entire role of metabolising fructose is done by your liver. When people are taking in fructose in heavy doses, they will be facing negative effects on their liver.

The study done at the University of California in Davis has also shown that almost fifty five per cent of sweeteners that are used in the food and beverage manufacturing industry are made out of corn syrup. The study asserts that the main source of calories in the American diet is the soda in the form of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). This shift from sucrose to corn syrup started taking place in the nineteen seventies by the major food and beverage manufacturers. They found out that HFCS was cheaper to use. It was also twenty per cent sweeter than the refined table sugar. This switch has completely altered the average North American diet.

The most unfortunate thing for the diabetics is that the low-fat diet foods are often found to be the highest in fructose. The fiber is also removed from these foods when they are processed. The nutritive value then becomes next to nothing.

Dr. Robert Lustigi, Professor in the Division of Endocrinology at the University of California in San Francisco suggests that it is better for the diabetics to shift immediately to the stevia herb as a sweetener. He also recommends strongly the use of raw honey in moderate doses. To read and understand further on the impact of fructose on your metabolism, you may visit the link as given below.


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