Toronto Restaurants get marketing boost

Toronto residents spend millions of dollars each year for dining out. A number of restaurants, bistros and bakeries in Toronto offer delicious and unique foods to their customers. However, there is a tough competition between them. That is the reason why, they are using different marketing techniques to get famous amongst their customers.


Toronto restaurants can now turn to and to boost marketing exposure.


Using billboards, making banners and advertisement through the media are all promotional methods. Writing advertorials or 'sponsored reviews' is the newest and arguably most effective method of targeted advertising, and have been proven many times better than other methods.


Advertorials are written in a manner to make it look like a part of the content of a publication. People pay more attention to the reviews of others than upfront advertisement of a company. That’s the reason why, writing reviews and advertorials have become an important part of business promotion.


Now restos and bistros in Toronto have access to which is a non-profit company that provides services throughout Canada and in many other countries. provides the services of professional writers who available to write reviews and advertorials about cuisine that restos, bistros and bakeries seek to promote. 


If your resto, bakery, bistro has great cuisine, your restaurant will also be eligible to have an event hosted by is a growing group of single professionals who like explore Toronto's best restos, bakeries and bistros.    Contact to enquire about the services


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