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Ottawa's gourmet food trucks get marketing boost

The new food trucks in Ottawa are becoming a hit with the people. Food trucks have to compete with restaurants and bistros to get more customers. Ottawa also reportedly has the highest per capita restaurants in Canada because of which food trucks have to be innovative in their marketing approach.

If you own a food truck in Canada's capital, your ability to market is vital to your success. Having delicious food is critical. However, marketing is also vital and without it your business will find it hard to survive the tough competition that it faces. can help you market your Food Truck by sending restaurant reviewers to prepare a write-up about your food along with accompanying video. will then publish that review in targeted restaurants for a competitive price. How cool is that? 

The readers, on reading such reviews, may get curious about the food trucks. These reviews will also inspire the readers to visit the food trucks and try the food they offer. The food trucks will gain a lot of business and they can also benefit from the publicity they gain through these reviews.

These video reviews created by can be published in social networking and video sharing sites. Hence, they will attract a lot of people to the restaurant and boost its sale.

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