Freshen up your fridge for the holidays

(NC) -- As the busy holiday season quickly approaches with all those family reunions, festive gatherings, and delicious dinner parties, keeping the kitchen clean and organized is the secret to stress-free entertaining – and it will also give you more quality time with family and guests.

An important part to staying organized is making sure your fridge is tidy and smelling fresh all season long. To help you get ready for a landslide of leftovers and sweet treats, here are four tips to keep your fridge in tip-top shape:

Only keep what you can eat: After a big meal, avoid putting a large amount of leftovers in the fridge. Prevent expiry of your favourite festive foods by storing excess portions in the freezer so you can enjoy them another time.

Make it visible: One of the reasons food is left to expire is because it's hidden in the back of the fridge where it can easily be forgotten. Make sure your fridge is not too full, organized into sections, and that your food is properly labeled so you can easily spot most items. Another way to make your food more visible is relocating or removing excess shelves.

Clear the air: There is nothing worse than opening your fridge to the smell of blue cheese, cold turkey, or other smelly leftovers blending together. Keep your fridge smelling fresh all season long with odour-eliminating products such as Arm and Hammer Fridge Fresh. They destroy strong odours to help food taste fresher longer. Remember to change them every three months. It's easy to do; just change the filters on the first day of each new season.

Keep it sealed: Make sure your tasty leftovers are placed in tightly sealed containers or bags. This will help prolong the life of favourite recipes and means that they can also be easily thrown into the freezer at any time.

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