Toronto's Best Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

I seek to provide my readers with what in my view are the best restos, bakeries and other "foodie" options in Ottawa, Toronto and other places that I visit.  This week I stumbled across that is most definitely the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie I ever had.

I'm supposed to be gluten-free in my diet, and I have had a lot of terrible to mediocre at best gluten free desserts in general, and cookies. 

My choice for the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookie is at the Almond Bakery on Harbord Street which is near the University of Toronto.

This cookie is unusually flavourful for a gluten-free cookie.  It also has a great crunchy texture with a slight chewy quality.  It's like having the best of a crunchy and chewy cookie all into one.

No need to worry about the typical kinda of yucky, hard, and unsavoury gluten free cookie which might make you feel that you wish you could still have a delicious cookie with gluten.

Located in downtown Toronto's vibrant Harbord Street village, just South of Bloor (two blocks west of Spadina), Almond Butterfly is a 100% GLUTEN-FREE CAFE, BAKESHOP, and KITCHEN, with VEGAN and PALEO options.


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