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Ottawa Chefs: How to Become a Vendor at Great Canadian Barbecue

The Great Canadian Barbecue is expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism to the Ottawa area. Because of this, several homegrown chefs, foodies and restaurateurs are eager to get a chance to participate in the event that will ultimately change the way Ottawa sees food forever. The Great Canadian Barbecue has opened its arms to interested chefs and restaurateurs and here's how you can apply to be a part of culinary history.

The Great Canadian Barbecue will be held alongside what is expected to be the largest literary celebration in Canada. The event came into fruition from the collaboration between Smoque Shack and the Ottawa Book Expo. The culinary potluck was designed to showcase the vitality of the culinary culture in Ottawa and encourage visitors and locals alike to invest in the culinary tourism of Ottawa.

Interested applicants are encouraged to reach out to the organizers of the event to secure a vendor slot. Over three hundred vendors are expected to attend both events with thousands of attendees from all over the world expected to participate in the ultimate celebration of vitality and diversity.

Vendors will not only be able to reach a diverse range of potential clientele, but they will also be able to reach like-minded individuals who share their love for the culinary arts. There are multiple chances to mingle and interact with fellow food vendors and share trade secrets that will ultimately help the culinary culture of Ottawa thrive and prosper in years to come.

If you’re worried about sharing the spotlight with so many vendors, don’t be! The organizers of both events have employed the help of several freelance marketing specialists that are on top of generating traffic and ensuring a beneficial event for all parties involved.

In addition to that, several mixer events have been set up to take place during the event. This will not only encourage a community of food lovers but encourage those who are not actively supporting the culinary community to take up their forks and eat their hearts out.

The Great Canadian Barbecue is also the perfect place for reaching clients and interested investors or potential partners from all over the world. This not only ensures the culinary vitality of the Ottawa area, but this gives you a chance to broadcast your culinary genius to other cultures and effectively increase your chances of gaining heavy tourist traffic in years to come.


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