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New Yorkers Flocking to Great Canadian Barbecue in Canada's Capital

New Yorkers are expected to flock to the Great Canadian Barbecue in Ottawa this 2020. The ultimate celebration of culinary greatness is expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism and it’s starting by bringing in foodies and eager visitors from different parts of the globe. It all starts with the Ottawa Book Expo.

The capital city of Canada is expecting groups of New Yorkers to visit over weekends soon. This is all thanks to the combined efforts of locals who wish to present an authentic Ottawa experience to interested New York residents.

Several locals have organized a group on Meetup dedicated to helping interested New Yorkers experience Ottawa over the weekend. The group has garnered over 50 members and has listed over five events that take place in Ottawa.

The group will allow New Yorkers to meet with others who wish to travel to Ottawa over the weekend. Interested tourists will meet in cafes in New York with the aim of getting to know each other and solidifying a viable schedule of activities.

Interested New Yorkers will then be able to ride a chartered bus coach that travels to Ottawa directly allowing them to experience the scenery and create bonds with fellow passengers on the way to Canada’s capital.

Among the many events listed, the Great Canadian Barbecue and Ottawa Book Expo stand out. There are several experiences tied to participating in the tandem. There are several mixer events, to begin with, and several opportunities to discover a new passion or pursue options within the literary and culinary industry.

The Ottawa Book Expo is a non-profit event handled by multi-talented individuals who have come together to showcase the vitality of the literary culture in Canada. To ensure success and bring more awareness to this uniquely diverse event, the Ottawa Book Expo has partnered with Smoque Shack to bring you the Great Canadian Barbecue.

The Great Canadian Barbecue puts the love for food first. Its organizers hope to bring together a group of people who share the love for food. The event will highlight Smoque Shack favourites and Canadian barbecue staples alongside numerous food vendors.

If you’re in New York and have never travelled to Ottawa before, or would like to experience a more authentic tour of the capital city, then grab this opportunity. You no longer have to fly alone to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of Ottawa with New York to Canada’s Capital Weekend Trips.


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