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5 Tips for Delicious Barbecue

The Great Canadian Barbecue at the Ottawa Book Expo is drawing near. If you can’t wait to get your hands on some of the most scrumptious barbecue staples, try these five tips for achieving a near-perfect barbecue at home.

1. Invest in a charcoal burner

           Gas burners are fine, but nothing beats an authentic charcoal-grilled barbecue experience. Gas burners will essentially provide you with nearly the same flavour result as an oven so if you’re looking for a truly authentic barbecue with a delicious smoky flavour, make sure you’re using a charcoal grill.

2. Don’t forget the lid

           Using a lid not only allows your meat to cook faster, but it also locks in the smoky flavour. Lids are also very helpful when you’re trying out new techniques like adding melted cheese on burgers or cooking smoked ribs.

3. Timing is everything

           It’s no secret that firing up the grill and actually achieving the perfect barbecue requires patience and concentration. If you want to achieve a truly successful barbecue masterpiece, it’s important to make sure you wait for the perfect timing before you begin putting meat on your grill.

           To make sure you have the right heat, you will need to wait for the flames to die down and make sure your coals are white-hot for the most even and best heat. This will not only cook your meat faster, but it will also ensure that your meat falls right off the bone.

4. Secure your temperature

           If you’re utilizing the lid (like you should), it’s important to maintain the right temperature inside your “caveman oven”. According to DJ BBQ, you can test the temperature manually by holding your hand around 5 inches over the grill and record the length of time you can hold your hand over it without screaming.

           If you’re going for low heat, you should be able to hold your hand over the grill for a maximum of six seconds. If you’re looking for medium heat, it should be no more than five seconds and finally, two seconds typically means your grill is hotter than chilli.

5. Marinate extensively

           You may be tempted to leave your marinade on for a few hours. However, it is important to keep in mind that the smoke from barbecuing will override the flavours of your marinade. It’s important to marinate for at least 24 hours for maximum flavour. This will also guarantee that your barbecue traps moisture and caramelizes perfectly.

Overall, barbecues are a rite of passage for any food lover. Events like the Great Canadian Barbecue are perfect for coming together and sharing barbecue tips with fellow foodies. Who knows? You might just learn a trick or two that you’ve never heard of before.


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