How to give a woman pleasure all the night

If you are experiencing problems in giving her pleasure the whole night, do not panic and do not use the pills or the natural remedies that you have heard your friends talk about because they will never work according to Dr Keith Hopcroft. “Keep your cool because performance anxiety will only make things worse; the situation will improve with time. There are a few techniques that will help improve your situation.

Getting your squeeze to squeeze will help a lot. A longer lay can be ensured by quite a number of practical things. Hopcroft gives an advice of putting on one or two condoms which will aid in reducing the sensitivity enough to help improve the situation. The squeeze technique is an alternative to this. When you think you are just about to come, give your penis a firm squeeze just below the bell using your finger and thumb and you are going to stop it happening. When you do this frequently, with time you are going to learn to control yourself without using the squeeze. You or she can do the squeezes and explain to her the need for doing this frequently until you solve the situation.

Once you master to last for quite a respectable duration of time, you are going to require further training for that mind blowing orgasm. Before you let out the final explosion, let the tension to build higher and higher to the peak by delaying the ejaculation and by doing so you are going to experience a sensation that will thrill the entire body. You can do exercises outside the bedroom even at the bus stop or at work during the meetings. All you need is to exercise the pelvic muscles situated at the base of the penis. These muscles can be used to delay the ejaculation and are the same muscles that are used in stopping the urine by squeezing them. You can do this fifteen times, twice a day. Squeeze them in and out and as you improve the frequency up to 75.


Try to focus on breathing while you are making love where you huff out breaths using the puffing technique. Do these until you reach a point where you feel your diaphragm contracting to let air out. To build up an intense orgasm, force out a breath each time you feel you are just about to come and this will result in the area around the abdomen having more tension. Another method that can be used is applying ice wrapped up in a cloth on the testicles before having sex and this will intensify the orgasm and don’t use cubes that have been put in the post sex glass of water.


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