Marcella Carby-Samuels: Daughter Betrays Mother

Allow me to tell you the story of two siblings. The sister moves away from the family, to live abroad. In her absence unspeakable things begin to happen. The seemingly stable domestic life which she left behind begins to crumble. She soon learns that her father is harming and abusing her mother. He maltreats her, neglects her and starves her. Surely the sister jumps on a plane to come to the aid the mother that birthed her. Surely she doesn’t stand idly by as her mother is hurt and damaged.

If only all she did was do nothing. Unfortunately this tale only gets worse. The only person left to help this woman in need is her son, the other sibling in this story. While the sister fails to do anything to try and stop the actions of her father, the brother does everything he can to help his beloved mother. However, his attempts to get his mother to safety are aggressively stopped by his sister, who, living abroad, ignores the reality of the situation. Rather than help her brother to rescue their mother, the sister in fact works with her father to deny her brother access to their mother.

This apparant tyrant’s disgusting behaviour do not stop there however. The brother, trying desperately to help and free his mother, tries to secure her legal and medical aid. The sister then helps her father to block access of lawyers and doctors to her mother, all actions which are contributing to her own mother’s demise. The doctor who is instead chosen to examine the mother has been proven incompetent on many previous occasions and merely goes through the motions to appear authentic.

Alas, this is no fictional story. These atrocities are currently happening in the world, in Ottawa, Canada to be more exact. The disgraceful sister is named Marcella Carby-Samuels. She lives in Sweden, and she appears to have been helping her father to destroy her mother using a cop "friend" at the Ottawa Police. The father in question, Horace Carby-Samuels, has treated his wife so badly that she can no longer walk or speak. His wife, Dezrin Carby-Samuels, has become a prisoner in her own body and her own home.

The brother, named Raymond Samuels II, has done everything in his power to try to help his mother. He has turned to the police force and social services, beseeching them to come to the aid of Dezrin and to rescue her. Both of these services, that are both charged with the protection of human rights and citizens, have done nothing to help Dezrin. Worse than that, they have actively stopped Raymond from helping his mother whilst they receive "encouragement" from the father, Horace Carby-Samuels. They even went as far as to lie in court about the nature of the proceedings and to directly contradict themselves, until video evidence was supplied to discredit these lies.[VIDEO BELOW]

This feels like a conspiracy against Dezrin and her son Raymond. Everybody involved in Dezrin’s life, apart from her son, have wrote her off like a piece of sh-t. Raymond is literally fighting against his evil sister and father for his mother’s life. He still hasn’t given up. Against all the odds Raymond is still determined to save his mother. Dezrin and Raymond desperately need funds to pay for a lawyer that could save Dezrin. Please give whatever you can to save this poor woman’s life now. [BANNER ABOVE]

Read more about Horace and Marcella is the book Unspeakable Evil.


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