Day 516: Ottawa -- Dezrin Carby-Samuels Needs Your Help From Forced Isolation

OTTAWA -- In today's world, we have become used to being connected in some way whether in person; through texting or through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  But imagine, you're like Dezrin Carby-Samuels who has not been able to walk, talk or write for more than 500 days.  Also imagine you getting that way because of the neglect of your significant other who abused and neglected you including blocking access to medical service.  But also image that signficant other had also blocked visitation access to the people who care for you the most through illegal actvities.

Having imagined such a scenario, you have imagined the conditions that Dezrin Carby-Samuels has been subjected to since 18 April 2015.  Dezrin has been reportedly abandoned by extended family except for her son and her friends of more than 15 years.  And Horace, her husband of more than 55 years has disobeyed a Court Order rendered by Justice Patrick Smith on 11 February 2016 which sought to enable Raymond, her son, being able to see Dezrin on a daily basis in support of her care giving needs which have been neglected by Horace.

When Ottawa police officers visited 30 Jarlan Terrace in Kanata where Dezrin has been forced to endure blocked visitation access under de facto hostage conditions, Horace refused access by the police and access by her son.  Dezrin having lost her ability to walk and talk was in no condition to be able to scream for help to the police or run to the door asking for help.

Raymond had previously shown the Police a note written by Dezrin that she was being abused but Horace hired a dirty cop named Robert Griffin Jr to ignore that note.

Dezrin's last communications to Raymond her son, when they last saw each other on 12 June 2015 was that she wanted her son's help.  Horace has continued to visitation block access.

This is therefore an appeal to members of the public to consider providing the kind of help that Dezrin desparately needs if she is to survive.  She has already ensured profound abuse and neglect.  

Would you have survived such abuse for over 500 days?

Dezrin is a very strong woman in spirit to have been able to survive for 500 days under such conditions.  But your help is vitally needed.

Support an online petition -- Help Dezrin.

Or, make a donation here -

Look at the above video to see Raymond being blocked from seeing his Mom having received a court Order on 11 February 2016.


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