Sylvia Corthon: Ottawa Judge linked to Lawyer and Ottawa Police in Racism, Criminal Conspiracy

In Canada, we would all like to think that our judicial system is so much better than just about any other country, and especially better than places like Russia or the `Third World`.  But judges like Sylvia Corthon make us think twice about our assumptions in this regard.  In the next several weeks, The Canadian will be featuring excerpts of our investigation on this truly corrupt judge, who has saw fit to preside over an apparent Kangaroo Court.

In our exposé, we explore Justice Corthorn’s ignorning of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure and even accepting apparent forgery in her haste to pursue an apparent criminal conspiracy with Ottawa lawyer John Summers and the Ottawa Police.  When so much evidence began to mount against Justice Corthorn which subjected her to the prospects of a Recusal Motion, guess what this Ottawa Judge did?  She simply ignored the pending Recusal Motion and expedited her criminal vendetta against the architect of the Motion by endorsing John Summers’ and the Ottawa Police’s effort to quash litigation against them.

The client of John Summers had been witnessed to have been abusing his wife.  The wife’s son sought to see his Mom who had been subjected to that abuse.  Justice Corthorn acted to side with John Summers and his abusive client. In the process of defending his client, John Summers included in his presentation to Justice Corthorn an apparent forgery and other inadmissible documentation that Justice Corthorn’s apparent Kangaroo Court was quite willing to accept.

So, brace yourself in the upcoming weeks as we delve into a tale of apparent racism, corruption, persecution, victimization and criminal conspiracy, courtesy of Ontario Superior Court Justice Sylvia Corthon in Ottawa.


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