UFO Researcher Discovers Ventilation Roof Of Underground City In Mars

Since Viking 1 landed on Mars in July 1976 and sent its first images, dozens of theories have been announced to explain the strange structures that appear on those photos: square-shaped rocky formations, pyramids and even a humanoid face.

Now, more than 40 years after Viking 1 mission, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has sent another group of mysterious images that have left general public and scientists astonished.

According to an article published on America-based online newspaper San Francisco Gate, world-famous UFO researcher Scott C. Waring affirmed to have spotted what believes is “a ventilation roof for an underground city” in the surface of the Red Planet.

“Scientists say honeycomb formations surrounding a strange-looking Martian crater recently photographed by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are eroded sand dunes, but UFO hunters know better”, states the news site. “Those are no dunes — they're the superstructure of a ventilation roof for an underground city inhabited by tiny aliens”, continues the article, quoting Mr Waring’s opinion.

The alleged alien building is inside a crater located in Noctis Labyrinthyuson, in the region of Valles Marineris, and has around 500 metres width.

In the opinion of the ufologist, the strange formation resembles the filter that baleen whales have in their mouths. “You see that below the baleen structures is nothing but blackness, so I assume that this a ventilation roof of an underground city”, Mr Waring asserted. “With an environment as harsh and unforgiving as Mars, you want to be underground where the temperature is much more tolerable day in and day out”, he added.

The American alien hunter, who is currently living in Taiwan, affirms to have discovered a series of unusual structures on photos of the surface of Mars. In his blog called UFOSightingsDaily.com, he claims to have spotted a gun, a ground hog, an angelic carving, and other weird formations.

However, NASA officials differ from Mr Waring opinion. In a recent report they stated that “the layered mesa is probably comprised of sedimentary deposits that are being exhumed as it erodes”.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.sfgate.com/science/article/Alien-hunter-NASA-photo-shows-ventilation-roof-11081507.php#photo-12741692


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