Winged Alien Seen In Mercerville, New Jersey

Date: 18 January, 2018.

Place: Mercerville, State of New Jersey, United States.

Last month, on 18 January, a very odd event was witnessed in the small community of Mercerville, New Jersey.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a retired police officer affirmed to have seen a bird-like entity hovering over the small town.

“On 18 January, 2018, at 17:20 hours, while I was outside on the back porch, I observed a large ‘bird’ flying from the east towards the west, in the northwestern quadrant of the sky, at an approximate altitude of 200 feet”, the man stated. “The sky was mostly cloudy and the visibility was clear and unlimited. It was at an approximate elevation of 25 degrees”, he added.

The former law enforcement officer expressed that he first thought that the unidentified entity was a bird, but he soon realised that something was wrong. “I am a student of nature, science, space, military and aviation in particular. I am familiar with anything that moves around us in our natural habitat. This flying object resembled a bird. It portrayed the flight characteristic of a bird as it had a set of primary wings mid span of its body. What stood out was it had a secondary set of smaller wings at the end of its body. They flapped in tandem at the same rate as the large thin primary wings”, he expressed. “The body was slender and long. It had no discernable head or beak. No underpinnings, like legs or feet, were present; it looked like a skinny B-29, but its body was thin like a snake”, he continued.

The New Jersey resident also asserted that the winged being had “a dull grey colour”, and hovered erratically over the neighbourhood. “It was a gull grey in colour with no variation across it. I got up and moved through the yard to follow it as it was unnerving and unfamiliar. I followed it above and through the surrounding neighbourhood trees and lost sight of it about thirty seconds later”, he commented.

“This was not any natural, earthly flying creature”, the American citizen claimed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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