Ottawa-Gatineau: Adonis Moves Closer to Farm Boy Territory

The premises of the former Target store on Maloney Boulevard will soon be hosting Adonis which is now affiliated with Metro.  Like Farm Boy, Adonis has sought to pride itself on its fresh produce section. This new Adonis store appears to be almost ready to open with workers there on schedule for a timely opening.

Adonis offers a unique grocery shopping experience.  The first one I checked out was in Longeuil around Montreal.   A girlfriend kept tell me that she wanted to show me this place on a weekend in the morning.

It was quite early on a Saturday when I arrived with her to a very full parking lot.  However, I had no idea what awaited me inside.  Half asleep it was like I walked into a supermarket version of a "fun circus mad house".  This place was jam packed and loud with both francophone and many immigrant; and what's was that in the distance?  Some kind of glass enclosure with workers frantically putting together stuff on a conveyor belt?

Adnois seems to be an attempt to create some kind of "Old World" crazy open market atmosphere.  If you're not even particularly interested in shopping, there's plenty of people watching and unexpected stuff you might find.

When I was in Scarborough as soon as I saw an Adonis I immediately stop just to look for "the unexpected" I might see.  This experience did not disappoint.   As soon as I stopped I saw two "New Canadians" fighting over a parking spot as loud as you can be in their mother tongues and full of hand gesticulations.

Now, how many times do you ever see that at a Farm Boy, Loblaws, Sobeys or your typical Metro?

Last March, the company had reportedly signed a 20-year lease (with renewal options) to establish a business in these vacant premises since Target closed stores in Canada.

The project is in the plans for some time since the negotiations would have ended last November between Metro and the owners of the local.

In addition to Metro itself, the company has several banners such as Super C and Brunet pharmacies and in Ontario, Food Basics among others.

Montreal's upscale Première Moisson bakery chain, belonging to the same group, has also been setting up at the same location.


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