Five candidates considering a run for P.E.I. PC leadership

Since about four weeks ago when James Aylward announced that he would be resigning as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party,there have been no official announcements as to which candidates would be stepping forward to contest for the party’s leadership. However,there have been ample speculations on the issue.

The Guardian, confirms that at least five candidates have shown an interest in running for the position. The possible candidates are:

  1. Kevin Arsenault
  2. Allan Dale
  3. Dennis King
  4. Sarah Stewart-Clark
  5. Bloyce Thompson

Dennis King King started his career as a journalist with various Island media outlets, which include the Eastern Graphic, the Guardian and CFCY/Magic 93. He served for almost 10 years in various roles with the Pat Binns' government, where he handled such posts as Public Relations Coordinator with the Department of Transportation and Public Works. He also served as the Director of Communications for the Department of Development and Technology to Director of Communications and Executive Assistant to the Premier. He told The Guardian that he is thinking about running, due to pressure from people.

He said “several hundred” people have asked him to run

"People are encouraging me to run but it's not moved much beyond that," King told The Guardian.

"If that many people are thinking I should think about it, perhaps I owe it to them to think about it," King said. "I'm a long way from a decision."

Sarah Stewart-Clark

She is employed as an associate professor at the faculty of agriculture at Dalhousie University. Her research program aims at helping Maritime oyster and mussel sectors get ready for climate change. She had earlier been nominated in July, as the PC candidate in Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park.

Stewart-Clark has openly declared her intention of running for the party's leadership. “Seeking the leadership is something I'm giving serious consideration to due to the number of Islanders who are asking me to be their voice,” She told the Guardian, “Now more than ever, Islanders are seeking leaders with integrity and whose motivations are to truly serve in the best interests of all Islanders.”

Allan Dale

Dale, a retired Navy officer, describes himself as a Connector with solid judgement, plenty of experience, and good perspective.He suggested to the Guardian, that he was consulting with family and colleagues about running for the position. "I'm just looking at what's happening, looking at the landscape, putting that into the context of what's happening in P.E.I., but I certainly haven't declared anything yet," Dale said. "[I’m] certainly watching what's coming with some interest."


Bloyce Thompson

Thompson who is a Frenchfort dairy farmer said some individuals in the farming community had been approaching him about running for the open position. He, however, failed to confirm if he was considering running.

“Probably still premature to say I’m considering,” he said in an email to The Guardian.

Kevin J. Arsenault

Arsenault, unlike most of the other likely candidates, openly confirmed to the Guardian that he would be vying for the position of party leader.

"I am all in in terms of the intent at this point, but I'll have to go through the process and ultimately be confirmed by the search committee of the PC Party," Arsenault said.

He says he intends to use the position to fight against government corruption if elected.

"People are hungry for a government and a leader of a party that will put an end to government corruption,” said Arsenault. “I intend to do that.”


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