Justin Trudeau Presents Christmas Message of Pure Hypocrisy

My fellow Canadians, when I read our Prime Minister's so-called Christmas message, what I see is a Prime Minister who has either lost touch with reality or substantively lacks empathy for the literally hundreds of thousands of homeless Canadians his "sunny ways" government has miserably failed.

I wish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had shown the same determination to eradicate homelessness as he has shown in his efforts to help defend Big Oil in Alberta or to pass marijuana legislation.

Don't get me wrong.  I too support legislation to legalize pot.

But if you had to choose from food, clothing and shelter for you and your family this Christmas or smoking pot without a roof over your head and nothing to eat but scraps from a garbage can, what would you choose?

If Justin Trudeau put that billion-dollar corporate welfare pipeline bailout instead into the so-called "National Housing Strategy" is government likes to talk about but do little to move into concrete action, more than one million Canadians would have proper shelter and nutritious food that didn't come out of a garbage can.

So, Mr Trudeau, please spare us your so-called "Christmas message".

It is apparent that you care little for the homeless and the working poor of this country who have taken a back seat to both pot and Big Oil on your government's radar.


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