Manipulative Aliens: Ottawa Man Writes Book Before Abduction

Here's something I don't think you will believe.  And I hope that it isn't true either.  But apparently, it seems that an Ottawa man named Horace Carby-Samuels may have been abducted by manipulative aliens.  That is to say, the real Horace, and not the apparent imposter that's walking about in his body.

Sounds wild, doesn't it?

In fact, Horace might very well be a lesson to us all on the inherent dangers of people who on their own seek to "communicate with aliens".  Apparently, Horace met these aliens during a "Near Death Experience".  He credited these aliens with "saving his life" before putting him on a life-long 'mission' to write a book which began since the 1960's.

You might think that must be a pretty long book!  That book was eventually published in 2006 with the help of Raymond, his son.

If you want to see the kind of message that these apparent manipulative aliens dictated to him through his reported contact with them during his dreams, you can ask for a copy of the book Human Development and the Quality of Living from your nearest bookstore.  The language of this book is definitely not the easiest to read, but promises to reveal a potential glimpse of an apparent oppressive alien intelligence, which seeks to disguise its message with benign or "angelic" intentions.

The apparent truth of the matter is that many people who either seek to contact aliens, angels or even 'God' may be getting "replies" from demons in "sheep's clothing". These are the non-trivial warnings expressed by the ancient Pagan Gnostics who John Lash documents had sought to warn humanity about the "fallen angels".

The "fallen angels" are far from being "angelic". They are demons that apparently seek to present themselves as angels in order to manipulate human targets.

Ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to "fallen angels" are working though "archons" which they referred to as "artificial man".

"Artificial man" was apparently the ancient Pagan Gnostic way of describing 'AI' or "artificial intelligence".

David Icke reinforced the Pagan Gnostic and African tribal observations of Archons embedded into human society operating as part of a "collective artificial intelligence" which has sought to abduct human hosts on various "missions".

Is Horace's body now being controlled by a collective AI mind described by Alex Collier, David Icke, John Lash, Nigel Kerner and Dr. Michael Salla?

Horace may be the one of the latest victims of alien manipulation.  Nowadays, witnesses report that Horace is "definitely not acting like himself".

An expert on manipulative aliens claims that after his investigation he now strongly believes Horace is being controlled by a race of aliens he knows about that is seeking to use his body.

After Horace wrote the book, he began to become more hysterical about aliens who apparently told him that they seek to make humans members of the "Bio-Electric Union".  He began to warn friends and family about a very real "Extraterrestrial Threat", and that these aliens were seeking to take over his body.

Horace began to express great fear of the "fallen angels" to his son who never had seen his father in fear of anything.  

As these aliens sought to fight with Horace over control over his body, the alien personae which began to take over Horace expressed itself with great violence which included slapping and abusing his wife and assaulting his son with a knife, after his son expressed concerns about the violent psychopath he was becoming.

According to Alex Collier in the above video, a race of aliens are abducting the 'soul essence of humans' and replacing them with aliens that seek to "experience human emotions" in ways their alien bodies can't.  

All kinds of violent and psychotic behaviours on our planet Earth including rape, pedophilia to wars may be explained by such aliens taking over other bodies.

When a writing sample of Horace before the alleged alien abduction was compared to writing samples of Horace after the alleged alien abduction, multiple handwriting experts concluded with 100% certainty that the signatures could not be from the same person.

It appears that after the aliens saved Horace's life, like an "intergalactic loan sharks", they sought to demand "pay back" through the dictating of their book and alleged taking of his body. 


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