Alien Agenda: North Pole Ice Sheet Vanishes Into Mandela Effect Twilight Zone

Do you remember us Earth people having a planet in which there was a large sheet of ice in a place called the North Pole?  This has been a polar area clearly visible on all maps including Google Earth as that large white area of snow and mostly very solid ice.

This was a North Pole where Explorers walked to on famous expeditions.  This was a polar region that we have been seeking to defend from Greenhouse Gases.  We were told that the consequence of this area melting would be the horrific flooding of coastal sea areas.  This include large cities like Miami that's mostly below sea level and New York.

Well guess what?  More and more people are finding out that almost all of this ice has apparently vanished and now the North Pole is all now apparently under water!

If you too check your Google Earth on your desktop and mobile phones along with official maps and apparently notice that the North Police is all under water apparently at least 30 or 50 years ahead of schedule, you too have entered the "Mandela Effect Twilight Zone".

Check on the above video and this video here as examples of surprised humans.

How could the polar caps be all melted with none of the catastrophic flooding of coastal cities that ought to be under water?

The so-called "Mandela Effect" is being linked to all kind of other bizarre changes the the shape and configuration of continents within weeks and days sometimes along with a host of other paranormal activities. 

It's apparent that this "New Earth" as some people are calling this current reality is not constrained by the laws of nature and physics.

The elites will tell you that "it's all in your head" as "false memories" in the same way they have dismissed reports of alien sightings.  However, there are also some people who claim that experiments conducted by CERN led to the destruction of "Old Earth", and somehow the moving of these "human refugees" without evening knowing it on different Earth in a parallel dimension.

However, one particularly creative explanation was one "YouTuber" in the below video who alleges that he actually found the "Old Earth" in the part of the Milky Way that we ought to be.  This other YouTuber claims that human consciousness were teleported from the Old Earth into different bodies with different skeletal structures.


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What has apparently happened to the North Pole is indeed quite shocking.

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