Ottawa Residents Can Hire Investigative Journalist Instead of a Lawyer

Knowing the important role investigative journalists play in society; Ottawa residents can now hire one at Agora Media  if they need to have something reported.  In a world where a lot can change in the blink of an eye, keeping quiet on sensitive issues is simply not tenable.  Agora Media is domiciled in Canada and has been in service since 1997. Through them, one can make the difference between unraveling critical social events or letting it go unnoticed to the detriment of Ottawa’s populace.

While the meaning of investigative reporting or journalism can be confusing—among Agora Media’s expert investigative journalists—there is a common assertion of what it entails.  To them, it is a precise, detailed, and unique in-depth way of reporting.  It frequently involves substantial employment of secret, sensitive or classified sources of information, with an attention to promoting social equity and responsibility.

Investigative journalism involves presenting, to the general population, matters that are concealed– either intentionally by somebody in a place of authority, or incidentally, through the actions of   a secretive section of society.  For example, an investigative journalist can present the workings of a drug cartel working in cahoots with the local law enforcement.  It can also involve issues that are dire that require urgent public address. For example, an adverse weather phenomenon that is affecting or likely to affect a big section of the population. 

Why hire an investigative Journalist and not a lawyer to report a critical issue?

  • Be that as it may, investigative journalists cover insightful news, unlike lawyers. For example, a new health discovery that could cure many people would draw in investigative journalists in droves.  Lawyers will not even think of investigating such occurrences. It is simply not their forte.
  • Investigative journalists are also relied upon to handle society's most sensitive issues. Prostitution, human trafficking, corruption, drug peddling, political turmoil and gang related vices are only a couple of the extremely delicate subjects that they cover. Clearly, lawyers will not go out of their way to do this.
  • Because they often reveal critical—and sometime damning—information, investigative journalists often ensure they have all their facts right.  Otherwise they will be exposing themselves to litigation when they report events. While lawyers will also get their facts right, they will carefully pick out what to defend. Their work is not to report on happenings in society but defend it at a cost.
  • Investigative journalists also critically analyze news items at hand and only provide details that are important and relevant to the general populace.  They have their viewers or readers interest at heart and subconsciously know how to capture their attention.  Lawyers simply don’t have the skill or even the kind of simple language that would keep the public interest to their news.
  • And finally investigative journalists also work for the common good of society. They are change agents that reveal hidden or unknown happenings with the hope that it will bring positive change. Lawyers unfortunately work to win cases that come to them, whether it will harm society or not. Those that  defend society against retrogressive events have purposefully chosen to do so.


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