Mandela Effect: False Memory, Alternative Reality or Fallen Angels Dream Scenario

Here's my view thus far of what the so-called "Mandela Effect" appears to be, having reflected on my own experiences and having reviewed various testimonies online.

Have you ever had the experience of being very tired somewhere and you accidentally fall asleep and begin having a somewhat intense very vivid dream?  At first, you may not even realize that you're dreaming.  But then something happens in your dream that your sub-consciousness recognizes to be "weird", "strange" or "unusual".  Your brain instantly then recognizes that you're in a dream which often triggers you to wake-up out of it.

I correspondingly suggest that "Mandela Effect Shocks" are your higher dimensional consciousness seeking to alert your brain that you're in a dream.  However, the problem for you existentially is that you seem to be in a dream which you cannot wake-up .  The rational side of you grounded in "science" then starts to take-over as having rejected the "farfetched" scenario that you're in a dream.

You have now been caught up in an apparent plot to misdirect you called "science".

Mainstream "science" is how manipulative aliens have sought to control humanity through its Archons that preside over its various branches.  The psychologists will decree that you're simply having a "false memory" and to ignore the statistical improbability of so many people having the same experiences of a different set of facts.

Some people, however, will use science to suggest that many of us who have experienced the Mandela Effect were from an "alternative reality".  Some people will further blame "CERN" for having destroyed the "former universe" in 2012 through its experiments resulting in many, but not all, humans being "hurled" or "put" here as if the "new Earth" in an "alternative reality" was a "refugee camp" for displaced humans.

Now, I wouldn't claim to be an expert on the lives of people in alternative realities or parallel universes.  However, don't you think that if you really landed in an alternative reality or parallel universe with REAL flesh and blood people like you, wouldn't you expect that they would be just as surprised and curious about you as you're curious and surprised about them in a context of "mutual astonishment"?

However, I have thus far not heard, seen or experienced such a context of mutual surprise and curiosity.  Instead what I observe is an apparent coordinated effort by the "natives" as described by some Mandela Effect "experiencers" to try to convince me and others that "it's all in your head -- it has always been like that, and goes to show how fragile human memory really is."

If you ever read warnings issued by the ancient Pagan Gnostics and various ancient tribal societies like those described by African Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa, we would readily be able to recognize this world where South America can move hundreds of miles west along with other
such apparently fluid alterations to the material word as a "dream-like state".

When the Pagan Gnostics had elevated their consciousness through tantric orgiastic sexual encounters with each other, they were able to discover the presence of an mechanical manipulative alien entity which sought to operate as a parasite on the human mind.  They referred to this demonic alien as having had roots to the fallen angels and observed these aliens as lacking in the creative consciousness of humans.  The ancient Pagan Gnostics had observed these aliens as apparently having the substantive capability of technological simulation.

If we therefore rely on the critical documented experiences of the Pagan Gnostics, we may conclude that "the people" who seem to be busy seeking to convince us that the Mandela Effect is a product of "faulty human memory" are extensions of this "dream simulation" that archons have concocted using their "Artificial Intelligence" (AI).

A Pagan Gnostic appreciational context would recognize the systematized "Mandela Effects" that we, as humans, have experienced as part of some kind of spiritual warfare spearheaded by the reptillian entities Pagan Gnostics had warned about.

Somehow, I believe, everyone one of us who has experienced Mandela Effects have had our minds connected with each other through Artificial Intelligence which resulted in the sharing of a Twilight Zone-like "dream state" in some kind of alien laboratory.

It appears that the archons under the direction of Fallen Angels are importing the consciousness of humans from the Real Earth by getting Artificial Intelligence to interfere with our abilities to awaken out of a dream-like state.  The so-called "alternative reality" that Mandela Effected individuals describe may be appreciated as a Virtual Reality enhanced vivid dream in which the Archons can fluidly manipulate causing "Mandela Effects".

I would describe this apparent "Virtual Reality" that the Pagan Gnostic warned about that we now seem to be experiencing as some kind of Alien Laboratory to study our reactions to various "Mandela Effects" as a means of furthering the conquest of the Real Earth.  It appears that people who have experienced Mandela Effects tend to have certain kind of human characteristic that the Fallen Angels are seeking to study toward a conquest objective.

It is further notable in this apparent simulation how AI has sought to use the mass media to promote the AI agenda at all levels of society toward the enslavement of human kind while presenting AI as leading to a "better life" that they monitor and control.

This "Alien Laboratory" can be compared to a sort of fish bowl meant to fool fish that they are still swimming in an ocean but are not.

I would also suggest that it is in the interest of ourselves and humanity to elevate our consciousness to wake up out of this apparent dream state and get back into "normal space" with other flesh and blood real people in order to support the liberation of humankind as had been sought by the ancient Pagan Gnostics and trial societies with ancient knowledge of having confrontations with "simulated people" who were not humans.

The Pagan Gnostics warned AI that's orchestrated through Fallen Angels as a threat to humanity in which we as humans must collective stand against.

It's apparent that entities through "people" who tell you that these Mandela Effects are all a part of some Divine Plan associated with spirituality are working for the Fallen Angels.

The Fallen Angels are demons that seek to present humans with angelic messages that are designed to manipulate humans into enslavement by them.

A Fallen Angel can be compared to a would-be abductor who hangs around playgrounds of children and who seek to lure them with nice words and candy.

Our collective consciousness from the Real Earth has someone all been brought into this enforced Dream State in various phases.

I would suggest that someone's first experience of a "Mandela Effect" could very well be the time in which they were abducted into this apparently enforced Dream State where Real Humans who experience the Mandela Effect seem to be interacting with physically cloned entities who resemble who we know on the Real Earth but are alien in design.

I saw a video in which a lady complained that "her whole family has changed".  Physical cloning would explain that observation.

Other "experiencers" also documenting certain family members no longer existing.  That may be the result of the Fallen Angels not cloning them just to see how you would react as your family member on the Real Earth wonder where you are.

No need to look any further than YouTube to find evidence of these cloned entities that from time to time seem to malfunction.

In a previous article, The Canadian presented how to potentially recognize a clone.

Just use such keywords as "clones" and "freezing" to see evidence that we appeared to be in some sort of manipulative alien AI matrix in which real humans exist alongside the AI programmed robotic entities designed to fool us to regard as humans. 

Based upon Pagan Gnostic insights, it's vital that we as humans elevate ourselves beyond even the confines of "quantum mechanics" which uses an Archontic intellectual filtration system and begin to tap into our elevated consciousness as human beings to see the "alien mind parasites" that seek to treat humans as lab rats in their Mandela Effect experiments toward a "New World Order".


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