Justin Trudeau Follows in the Path of Other Corrupt Liberals Since U.S. Free Trade

Many Canadians may be wondering about what has happened to the shine that once characterized Justin Trudeau when he had promised a new "Sunny Ways" era in Canadian politics.  Indeed, when Justin Trudeau had quickly rolled back former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to cut back Veterans Affairs Offices in Atlantic Canada, many Canadians began to look forward to a continued progressive policy direction in fulfillment of electoral promises. 

Mr. Trudeau's promises included electoral reform toward some form of proportional representation system.

Little did we know that Mr Trudeau's early days in Office was apparently a massive public relations stunt to mask what more and more Canadians are starting to now notice is simply another unprincipled corrupt Liberal following in the footsteps of other so-called Liberals like Ontario's former Premier Kathleen Wynne, Quebec's former Premier Phillipe Couillard and former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

It was the progressive wing of the Liberal Party that had been rebuffing since former Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier the U.S. agenda to Americanize Canada.  And it was the progressive wing of the Liberal Party which pushed through with legislation to make Canada a welcoming place for all new immigrants and it was us progressive Liberals who had kept our promise under former Prime Minister Trudeau to repatriate our Constitution toward the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And rest assured, if we, were still in charge of the Liberal Party instead of the crooks who occupy Liberal party governance today, we would had pushed through with a rejuvenated electoral system for Canada if that's what we said we would do.

Justin Trudeau's utter manipulative posturing that he would not sell-out Canada's dairy farmers to Donald Trump's agenda just before caving in on the so-called "USMCA" might best show the utter lack of integrity which characterizes Mr Trudeau.

Whereas us former progressive Liberals sought to champion the values that Canadians identify as "Canadian Liberalism" the current federal party seeks out hand-outs from affluent Canadians who Justin Trudeau seeks to serve in the name of an American-dominated and so-called "Free Trade" pact which corrupts not just Liberal politicians but also the politicians of other parties that all seek to pander to largely U.S. Big Business interests at the expense of integrity in politics.

And, don't get me started on Justin Trudeau's farcical "independent Senate" which has been characterized essentially by the appointment of political puppets of the Office of the Prime Minister that have been less independent in principle from the PMO on the voting of legislation than any Senate under the political party patronage system.

You might wonder what is going on with the Liberal Party anyways?  What's with all these corrupt Liberals from coast to coast seeking to sell us sex appeal and "sunny ways" over political substance and integrity?

What I am about to say you will not find in publications like the Toronto Star, Maclean's and elsewhere because the mainstream media in Canada has become part of a charade that only tells us about scandals and not about its root causes.

My insights come from being a Liberal Party insider since the 1980's.

The federal Liberal Party as Canadians know as the political party that has sought to embrace certain values that we like to equate with "Canadian Liberalism" essentially died in 1988.  That was the year when I was part of the Kaplan campaign in North York which was part of a concerted effort to stop then neo-Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney from passing the North American Free Trade Agreement. (NAFTA).

After then federal Liberal opposition and former Prime Minister lost the "Free Trade" election in 1988, Jean Chrétien who had been treacherously undercutting our anti-Free Trade campaign, began to push out all John Turner [second photo above] Liberal idealists.

Indeed, reportedly former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau had endorsed John Turner as Liberal leader, because he knew that Chrétien would sell-out and essentially destroy the Liberal party's ideals.  As it tuns out, it appears that Pierre Elliot Trudeau was right.

We 'true' Liberals tried to regroup in 1993 under Mel Hurtig's National Party, but in-fighting between Mel Hurtig and a financial backer resulted in that party becoming defunct.

Liberal Party idealists eventually tried to regroup in the early 2000's under former Liberal Party cabinet member Paul Helleyer who led the Canadian Action Party to continue to oppose the ignored ravages of "free trade" against Canada's social fabric and sovereignty.  But CAP lacked the media coverage to get widespread support as a result of efforts mainstream media to cover up the Liberal Party's transformation,

When us idealists were essentially kicked-out of the Liberal Party, we were essentially replaced by the kind of corrupt fake Liberals which now run the party and apparently control Justin Trudeau like one of their puppets.

When us idealists controlled the Liberal Party, we sought to defend principles supported by the majority of Canadians which made us so successful federally.

These principles include defending equal opportunities for all Canadians based upon the affirmation of social justice, Canadian sovereignty, human rights, and constitutional freedoms while seeking to be as fiscally responsible as possible.

When John Turner had been Prime Minister in the mid-1980's, I only saw one homeless person on a regular basis who used to stand around St George and Bloor Street who kept asking for a "dime, or a nickel and a quarter" and he didn't look destitute at all and was relatively well dressed and didn't seem to be lacking in access to food.

Back then Toronto, Ottawa and most other Canadian cities had far less poverty as far as areas of social despair and there were no news reports at waiting lines at Canadian hospitals or gun crime.  By contrast, homelessness and other social problems has continued to proliferate under Justin Trudeau and it's not because of a lack of money.  Indeed, Mr. Trudeau seems to have a lot of money for corporate welfare schemes to help out oil companies with pipeline bailouts but comparatively little it seems to redress the plight of "ordinary Canadians" ad former NDP leader Ed Broadbent used to say.

Canadians need to realize that the Liberal Party today is a bunch of self-serving and corrupt individuals who are fronts for Big Business in Canada.  These corrupt interests are simply seeking to use the Liberal Party name to invoke a nostalgia which has nothing to do with the modus operandi of the corrupt egos who now run so-called "Liberal Parties" across Canada.


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