Doctors are Shocked after Woman Claims Cannabis Oil Cured her Terminal Cancer

Cancer patients may now be able to cure themselves on their own with help from the medicinal plant, cannabis. According to Natural News, Joy Smith, a 52-year-old-woman from the United Kingdom shared her experience on how cannabis oil saved her life. She was diagnosed with cancer and went through a lot of chemotherapy sessions which failed. Smith, who comes from Coventry UK, said that when she was first diagnosed with stomach and bowel cancer, the doctors gave a prediction that she had six weeks left to live. She was left desperate and willing to try anything to save her life, and this was when her friends suggested cannabis oil.

Despite being very skeptical about this course of treatment, Smith decided to take her chances with it and fortunately for her, it paid off. After two years of cannabis oil administration, her stomach cancer has reduced greatly and the remnants of the cancer are also disappearing

While undergoing medical treatment, a lot of the tumours found in her body had written off inoperable, and her medical team had advised her to give chemotherapy a chance so as to elongate her life. However, she complained that the chemotherapy made her condition seem worse. She later was diagnosed with sepsis and had to be operated on. It was after this operation that Smith was made aware of the fact that her friends were searching for an alternative treatment for her, that which involved the use of cannabis oil.

“When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything trust me.” Smith said, as quoted on the Coventry Telegraph, “I was a bit skeptical about the oil at first as I’d never taken drugs or anything like that – but I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody,” she continued.  “Cannabis oil should be legalized for medical purposes – people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them,” Joy Smith argued.

Joy had no knowledge that her friends were searching for an alternate form of treatment until she was handed a tablet by one of her friends while in the hospital. "She said ‘open your mouth' – I didn't want to take it at first, I didn't know what it was," Joy told the Telegraph. "Afterwards I felt drunk, all the nurses were looking at me and I was trying to act normal. I couldn't speak, my words slurred out."

After making their findings online about its medicinal advantages, Joy’s friends had found someone who could manufacture it for her and persuaded her to give it a try.

Joy admits the oil is not legally available for use forthose who would love to give the medicinal plant a trial. She also reveals that people were approaching her and requesting for the oil. But she said even with the fact that she can’t make the oil available herself, she tries her best to help in other ways she can.


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