SNC-Lavalin Spent $1.95M on Gadhafi son's Debauchery While he was in Canada

A whopping $1.95M was spent by SNC-Lavalin, on escorts, alcohol, sex, and pornography says a news report on The Star. Receipts have emerged, to show that SNC-Lavalin and security firm Garda World spent this enormous sum, to entertain the son of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi during his visit to Canada in 2008.

“We needed to see to his security, and it degenerated,” said Garda spokesperson Isabelle Panelli in an interview with La Presse, when asked about thecorruption surrounding Saadi Gadhafi when he visited Canada at SNC-Lavalin’s invitation.Panelli told La Presse that Garda World tried to intervene and stop the debauchery, but had instead lost the contract with SNC-Lavalin.

Another report on the National Post, says receipts gathered during an investigation of Stéphane Roy, former vice-president of SNC-Lavalin show $30,000 in payments to Saadi Gadhafi for sexual services in Canada in 2008. Citing a news report on La Presse, the article states that the Quebec engineering giant had gone as far as hiring prostitutes for the dictator’s son.

It can be recalled that SNC-Lavalin has been in the news since 2018, following a testimony by former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybouldwho indicated that she was unduly pressured last fall to help SNC-Lavalin avoid federal corruption charges associated with their business dealings in Libya. SNC-Lavalin is Canada's biggest engineering firm and most of the allegations that have been recently leveled against the company are simply shocking, this one is no exception.

Gadafi, who had helped the Quebec Company secure billions in public contracts in Libya, had been invited to Canada in the year 2008 by SNC-Lavalin. He came to conduct business and improve his English. During his stay, SNC-Lavalin hired a Montréal based company, Garda World to provide security for him. And this company ended up providing a lot more than just security.

Four bodyguards were hired from Garda world, these guards handled Gadhafi’s expenses and provided receipts to SNC-Lavalin, says a court testimony by an RCMP investigator. They reported some transactions as “companion services” in their expense reports and these would cost between $600 and $7,500 each. Close to $10,000 in services went to a single escort service in Vancouver. They also had other expenses, such as money spent on a Montreal strip club and covered events at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, such as box seats for a Spice Girls concert.

What is more interesting is thataccording to La Presse, SNC-Lavalin was writing off the expenses as linked with construction projects in Libya, and ended up with the total bill for Gadhafi's trip totaling nearly $2 million.

Roy and another SNC-Lavalin employee, former executive, Riadh Ben Aissahad testified in court that expenses associated with the trip were justified and that he had the receipts to prove it.

Garda World told the National Post it had no comment to offer beyond the La Presse report, and a spokesman for SNC-Lavalin equally insisted that the company had no comments in the matter.


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